Fix a Pixel Tablet that won't charge or turn on

Important: Some of these steps work only on Android 14 and up. Learn how to update your Android version.

Follow the steps on this page to troubleshoot the following problems when your tablet:

  • Won't turn on
  • Has a black or blank screen
  • Turns on but immediately turns off
  • Displays a "Check charging accessory" notification
  • Doesn't charge with a USB-C cable and power adapter
  • Doesn't charge if you attach it to a Charging Speaker Dock
  • If you have a Charging Speaker Dock, make sure your tablet is securely attached to it before you start troubleshooting issues. Learn how to dock and undock your Pixel Tablet.
  • Important: To dock your Pixel Tablet or use Hub Mode, you need a Charging Speaker Dock. You can purchase the Pixel Tablet with or without a dock, or purchase a dock separately.
1. Hold down the Pixel Tablet's power button
If your Pixel Tablet won't turn on or has a blank screen, try holding down your tablet's power button for 5-7 seconds. Learn how to turn on your Pixel Tablet.
2. Restart your Pixel Tablet

If you are experiencing issues that prevent charging, try to restart your Pixel Tablet:

  1. Swipe down from the top of your screen.
  2. Tap Power Power and then Restart .

Note: If you have a PIN, pattern or password set up on your tablet, you'll need to enter it after a restart, even if you set up a fingerprint.

3. Troubleshoot your battery charge

To troubleshoot your battery charge, plug your tablet into a wall outlet with a working USB-C cable and power adapter (minimum 15W) and then wait one minute.

  • If a battery icon appears on your screen, it means your tablet is charging, but the battery is too drained to power on. Keep your tablet charging and wait for the battery level to increase. It will automatically power on when it reaches minimum charge.
  • If a battery percentage appears on your screen, it means your tablet is powered off and charging. Press the power button to restart your tablet right away.
To verify that your tablet is charging, open your device's Settings app Settings app and then tap Battery.
4. Troubleshoot your charging accessories

To charge your tablet from a functioning wall outlet, use a compliant power adapter plugged into the outlet and then plug a USB-C cable into the tablet's USB Type-C port.

Follow these steps if charging doesn't work:

  1. Plug in your charging accessory to check if it works with the Pixel Tablet.
    • If your USB charging accessory doesn't work with the Pixel Tablet, you'll get a notification on your Home screen or in your device's battery settings that there's an issue with your charging accessory.
    • Try charging your tablet with a different cable or power source. For best charging performance, use power adapters and cables that support 15 W USB Power Delivery (PD).
  2. Make sure that your outlet works.
    • Plug something else into the same outlet, like a lamp.
    • Plug your tablet's charger into a different wall outlet.
  3. Check that accessories like cases or battery packs don't cover the pins and sensors on your tablet or press against its buttons.
5. Troubleshoot the Charging Speaker Dock

If your tablet isn’t charging when attached to a Charging Speaker Dock, perform the following steps.

  1. To make sure your Charging Speaker Dock works, check that:
    • The dock is plugged into a power outlet.
      • Tip: Wait several seconds after you plug in the Charging Speaker Dock to give it time to boot.
    • The power cord is fully plugged into the dock.
    • The tablet is securely attached to the dock.
    • There are no obstructions between the pins on the back of the tablet and the face of the dock. Learn how to clean your Pixel Tablet.
  2. To verify that your Charging Speaker dock gets power:
    • Undock your Pixel Tablet.
    • Unplug the Charging Speaker Dock from the wall outlet.
    • Plug the dock back into the wall outlet. (Don't attach your tablet to the dock yet.)
    • Wait 10 seconds or until the dock's boot chime plays.
    • Dock your Pixel Tablet again and look for the charging indicator on the top right of the tablet's screen.
      • To verify that your dock is getting power, you can also press and hold the circular button on the bottom of the dock for 10 seconds. If the reset chime starts to play, your dock is getting power.

Still have issues with your Pixel Tablet?

To talk to a support agent about a tablet that won't charge, turn on, start, or stay on, contact us.

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