Dock and undock your Pixel Tablet

Your Pixel Tablet attaches magnetically to the Charging Speaker Dock. When it's docked, it charges automatically. Learn how to dock and undock your tablet below.

Dock your Pixel Tablet

Your tablet attaches magnetically to the charging dock. To dock your tablet:

  1. Place the dock on a flat surface and plug it into a power outlet.
  2. Grasp the Pixel Tablet and position it so that the camera is on top.
  3. Line up the back of the tablet with the front of the dock so the connectors align.
  4. Move the tablet slowly back towards the dock until it attaches.

Dock and undock

Dock your Pixel Tablet in the Pixel Tablet Case

To dock your Pixel Tablet when it's in the Pixel Tablet Case (sold separately):

  1. Hold your Pixel Tablet so that the front camera is on top and facing you.
  2. Ensure the kickstand is folded flat against the back of the case. The logo and pogo pins should be inside the kickstand's ring when it's in the correct position.
  3. Position the tablet so that the kickstand ring lines up with the dock face.
  4. Move the tablet slowly back towards the dock until it attaches.
Remove your Pixel Tablet from the dock
To undock your tablet, grasp it and pivot it up until it detaches.
Pixel Tablet undock
Unlock your Pixel Tablet
To unlock your tablet, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. If you set up Fingerprint Unlock, place your finger lightly on your tablet's power button until it unlocks.

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