Back up your device

Where your phone data is stored

The info on your phone will be backed up in different places. If your backups are uploaded in Google, they're encrypted using your Google Account password.

What gets saved by Apple iCloud Backup

Some things get backed up by Apple, so you don't need to turn on Google One's backup to save this data. These files include:
  • iMessages, SMS texts, and MMS messages
  • App data
  • Device settings
For the most up-to-date list and to find more details about iCloud, visit the help center.

What gets saved by Google One

  • Original quality photos and videos (saved to Google Photos)
  • Calendar meetings and events (saved to Google Calendar)
  • Contact info like phone numbers and email addresses (saved to Google Contacts)

Start or stop a backup

Tip: If you don’t have Wi-Fi nearby, it’s possible to back up your files with cellular data. If this uses too much of your data, turn off the cellular data option.

After you choose your backup settings, you can immediately start a backup of your phone.
  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Google One app Google One.
  2. At the bottom, tap Storage.
  3. Tap Backup your data and then Backup settings.
  4. Choose the backup settings you want:
    • To back up your contacts, turn on Contacts.
    • To back up your calendar, turn on Calendar.
    • To back up your photos and videos on Google Photos, turn on Photos & Videos.
  5. To save copies of your data, tap Back up now.
  6. Until the back up process is complete, keep the Google One app open.

 Delete your data backups

Google One members cannot make backups of their entire iPhone using Google One. However, they can back up some of their files to other Google products, like Photos, Calendar, and Drive. 

To delete your files after backing them up, use the file management settings inside other Google apps. Learn how to:

Fix problems with backup or restore

You can't start the backup process

Check that your phone can back up correctly.

  • Make sure your device is online. If you use mobile data, try to connect to Wi-Fi for a better connection.
  • Make sure your phone battery is charged.
  • Install or update the Google One app Google One.
  • In the Google One app, check your storage. If you're out of storage, you can choose between these options:
    • Buy more storage
    • Clear storage space
You can’t find everything you backed up

Make sure to check the right place. Your files are saved inside other apps, not Google One.

  • For phone numbers and other contact info, check the Google Contacts website or app. 
  • For meetings and reminders, check the Google Calendar website or app.
  • For photos and videos, check the Google Photos website or app.

If your media still won’t back up

You can manually upload your files.

Learn how to:

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