Improve what shows for you on Google News

You can have Google News show more of the kinds of stories you want and fewer of those you don’t. Personalization can help you see content that interests you more easily and quickly.

You can teach Google News what you want to read by using it. More use helps “For you” get better. You can also directly tell Google News what you like.

Note: This feature is only available if you're signed in to your Google Account.


See more stories you’ll like

By story

  1. Under a story you like, click More More.
  2. To see more stories like it, click More stories like this More like this.

By interest

  1. Find a topic, place, or publication you like. Either:
    • At the top, use the search bar.
    • On the left, click a topic. If you don’t see topics, first click Menu Menu.
  2. At the top right, click Follow Follow.

See fewer stories you won’t like

  1. Under a story you don’t like, click More More.
  2. To see fewer stories like it, click Fewer stories like this Fewer like this.
  3. To see no more stories from that source, click Hide stories from [the source] Hide this source.

Change your interests

To stop following an interest, click Following. Or click Favorites and then More More and then Remove Remove.

Adjust what shows based on past activity

You can see your searches and other activity saved to your Google Account in My Activity. Google News can personalize based on some of those activities.

Learn more about seeing and controlling activity on your account.

Find what you want on Google News

You can find different kinds of coverage on Google News, including:

  • Subjects with the same coverage for readers
  • Stories picked based on your settings and activity

Learn how to find what you want on Google News.

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