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Make calls with your Google Nest or Home speaker or display

With Google Nest and Home speakers and displays, you can make calls to friends, family, and businesses with your voice. There are 3 different ways Nest speakers and displays can make calls. Availability varies by country.

Duo calling

With Duo calling, Nest speakers and displays can make and receive video or voice calls to anyone who has a Duo account.

Key features:

  • Make and receive calls with other Duo users worldwide
  • Video and voice calling
  • Make calls between your Nest speakers, displays, and mobile devices
  • No charge for all calls
  • Emergency calls can't be made with Duo
  • With Google Nest Hub Max, you can also send and receive video messages

Set up Duo calling

Google-supported calling

Google-supported calling allows you to make audio calls to mobile, landline, and business phone numbers at no additional cost.

Important: Starting in December 2021, Google-supported phone calls from your speakers and Smart Displays can only be made to numbers in your Google Contacts. Learn more about this change.

Key features:

  • Available in the US and CA
  • Supports making audio calls. Calls can't be received
  • No charge for calls within within the US and CA
  • Show or hide your phone number when calling
  • Emergency calls can't be made

Learn how phone calls will change in the US in December 2021

In December 2021, to make Google-supported phone calls from your speaker or Smart Display, you’ll need to:

  1. Set up Voice Match and turn on personal results for the Google Assistant-enabled devices you want to make calls from.
  2. Have or add the number you want to call to Google Contacts.

After this change, if you try to call a number that’s not saved in Google Contacts, you’ll get the option to add it. If you add the number, Google Assistant will make the call. If you don’t add it, Google Assistant will cancel the call.

Make calls through Google-supported calling

Carrier calling

With carrier calling, you can link your Nest speaker or display with your call provider's mobile or landline phone plan. This allows you to make calls to anyone with a phone number available in your call provider's plan.

Key features:

  • Supports making audio calls. Calls cannot be received, except through Telstra.
  • International calling may be available.
  • A subscription is required from a call provider.
  • Call charges will be in accordance with your call provider's plan.
  • Data charges may apply.
  • Show or hide your phone number when calling.
  • Emergency calling is not available except through Telstra.

Carrier calling is available through these call providers:

Set up and make carrier calls

Compare calling types 

Feature Duo calling Google-supported calling Carrier calling
Video calling Yes No No
Audio calling Yes Yes Yes
Calling between displays, speakers, and phones Yes No No
Receive calls from others Yes, from other Duo users No No, except with Telstra

Who you can call

Make and receive calls with other Duo users worldwide Most numbers within US and CA including mobile, landline, and businesses when located within these countries

Depends on your service provider and plan

International calling may be available

Cost No charge No charge if made from within and to the US and CA

Charged based on service provider’s plan

Data charges may apply

Subscription required

Emergency calls No No No, except with Telstra
Availability Anywhere Google Nest or Google Home speakers or displays are sold US and CA Wherever your subscription service is offered

Calling availability by country

Country Duo calling Google-supported calling Carrier calling
US Yes Yes Yes (Google Fi and Google Voice)
CA Yes Yes No
UK Yes No No
IT Yes No Yes (Telecom Italia)
AU Yes No Yes (Telstra)
Other markets where Nest speakers and displays are sold Yes No No

Make a call

Below are some of the things you can say to make calls:

Say "Hey Google," then:

  • "Call [business name]."
  • "Where is the nearest [business]?" then "Hey Google, call them."
  • "Call [phone number]."
  • "Redial."
  • "Call [contact name]."
  • "Video call [contact]."
  • "Call [display or speaker name]."

The availability of commands will vary depending on the calling methods set up on your device. For example, if you’ve set up Duo calling and turned on personal results, you’ll be able to say "Video call [contact]" to make video calls. On displays, touch controls are also available when you set up household contacts. Learn more about how to set up and make calls with Duo calling, Google-supported calling, and carrier calling.

Use the Google Assistant while on a call

When you’re on a call, you can use voice commands related to your call. For example, ask to lower the volume of your call. Some queries not related to your call are not available while the call is active.

When you’re on a call, the person you're in a call with will hear you say "Hey Google,"  then the call will be muted while you complete your request. If you make a video call, the call will be muted but the camera feed will continue to stream.

Frequently asked questions

What does my Nest speaker or display record?

Google will record voice commands after "Ok Google" or "Hey Google." For example, "Hey Google, call Bob" or "Ok Google, hang up" would be recorded. The recording stops after that phrase.

Google does not record the phone conversation.

If I have multiple numbers associated with a contact, which one will my device call?

With Google-supported calling and carrier calling, the Google Assistant will ask you which number you'd like to call. Eventually, your Assistant will learn which number you prefer for certain contacts so that you can skip this step in the future.​ You can also edit your contacts to make them more unique at

With Duo calls, your device will call the number with a valid Duo account.

Can someone call me on my Home or Nest device (versus me calling them)?

You can receive calls made by someone using Google Duo.

To receive calls:

Google-supported calling and carrier calling (except with Telstra) do not support incoming calls.

Can I block people from calling me on my Nest speaker or display?

You can only receive calls made by someone using Google Duo. Learn more about how to block numbers on Duo

You can also temporarily block all calls by turning on Do not disturb. Note: This will also disable incoming broadcasts and reminder notifications. To prevent call notifications on a regular schedule, set up night mode

What happens when you reach a number that has a menu and says "press 2"?

Use your voice to navigate through a phone tree. When the phone system gives you the prompt for the option you want, such as "Press 2," say "Hey Google, press 2." With a Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max display, you can also use the dial pad on your screen.

Note: With Duo calls, you'll not be able to use voice commands in a call to navigate a phone system.

Are there any content or usage policies that apply to calling on Nest speaker and displays?

Google's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy apply to Google Nest or Home speakers and displays. Additionally, Nest speakers and displays follow the same acceptable use policy as Google Voice.For carrier calling on Google Nest or Home devices, the call provider’s terms of service also apply (Example: Google Fi’s Terms of Service applies to Fi-supported calls).
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