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Learn about 2-step verification for Nest accounts

Why we added 2-step verification to your account 

We’re doing this to add an extra layer of protection to Nest accounts (for those who have not yet migrated to a Google account). Two-step verification greatly reduces the risk of hacks, including automated attacks, and adding a verification code sent via email is a form of this technology.

We took time to ensure the experience is right. The security landscape in the home continues to change, and we’re continuously striving to improve how quickly we respond to new challenges.

Why 2-step verification isn’t optional

When you invite a Nest product into your home, making sure it only adds to your sense of safety and security is a responsibility we take seriously. That’s why we’re making this new feature mandatory for people with Nest accounts who haven’t migrated to a Google account.

Privacy protection

We value the privacy of all Nest customers, so we don’t provide a way to determine where another user is logging in from. If you suspect that an unauthorized user is accessing your account, please contact us.

Other types of 2-step verification

You can enable SMS 2-step verification in the Nest app if you prefer not to verify your identity via email. If you would like to explore additional security options for your account, we recommend migrating to a Google account. Check out FAQs about accounts for the Nest app for more information and what you need to know before you migrate. 

If you lose access to your account

Because this is a security feature to verify your identity, if you don’t receive the email you won’t be able to verify your account. Here’s how you can regain access.

Use Family Accounts 

If you have multiple people in your non-migrated Nest household who need access to your Nest devices, create a Family account and have them use their own password and email. Remind them to sign up for 2-step verification, too.

Do not share your personal credentials with anyone, even family members. Sharing an account email and password is not only unsecure, it can cause your Google Nest products to not switch their behavior as normally expected. 

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