Learn about package alerts for Nest Hello

Your Google Nest Hello video doorbell can learn to detect packages left in its view. It can send you a notification in the Nest app when a package is delivered or when it is retrieved.

Important things to know

  • Your Nest Hello might not send you package alerts because packages are not placed where your Hello can see them. Once your Hello detects a package, package alerts automatically turn on and you get a notification. See the tips section below for more information about how to get package alerts to work. 

  • Package alerts are only available for Hello in the US with a Nest Aware subscription.

  • For a package to be detected upon arrival, it needs to be set down in an area within your Hello’s view, and must remain stationary for a short amount of time. Similarly, for package retrieval detection, the package needs to be visible for a short amount of time before it’s removed from the scene.

  • Packages must be at least 8x10x1 inches.

  • Package alerts work much like other alerts, so they work with Activity Zones, and appear in your Hello’s Sightline and event history.

  • If you want Hello’s camera on all the time so that it can alert you to package deliveries  even when you’re home, you can turn off Home/Away Assist for Hello.

  • During the night or winter, the distance your Hello can detect a package may be shorter due to low lighting conditions.

  • If packages are delivered within 10 minutes of each other, Hello sends you a notification for the first package only rather than sending a notification for each package.

Turn package alerts on or off

When your Hello figures out that it can detect packages, package alerts turn on and you’ll be notified. An opening screen on the Nest app lets you know that package alerts are on, and you can choose to keep them on or turn them off from there. If you want to change this afterwards, you can go to Hello’s settings.

Turn package alerts on or off through settings:

  1. Tap Settings Nest settings icon on the Nest app home screen.

  2. Select your Hello.

  3. Select Notifications.

  4. Tap the box next to Packages to turn package alerts on or off.

How package alerts work with Home and Away modes

If you want Hello’s camera on all the time so that it can detect packages even when you’re home, you can turn off Home/Away Assist for Hello:

  1. Tap Settings Nest settings icon on the Nest app home screen.

  2. Select your Hello.

  3. Select Home/Away Assist.

  4. Under “Automatically turn the camera on and off?” toggle the switch off.

Note: If you manually set your home to Home mode, Hello’s camera doesn’t turn off. So, you can still receive package alerts if they’re turned on.

Use alert settings to control package alert behavior

Each person with shared access to your Nest home can choose whether they can get package alerts all the time or only when no one’s home.

For instance, if alerts are set to when No one’s home on your phone, you can’t get package notifications when you’re at home. If people share access to your Nest home, you can only get a package notification when everyone with shared access is away from home.

Turn on package alerts for Activity Zones

When you turn on package alerts for Activity Zones, notifications include the corresponding zone the package was left or retrieved from.

How to set up and use Activity Zones

View package events in Sightline and event history

Along with a notification when a package is delivered or retrieved, you can also view package events with Sightline and event history. Like other activity events, a package event includes a snapshot and timestamp of the activity detected.

Tips to enable and use package alerts

Any US Hello with Nest Aware and the latest software is able to detect packages, however you can only get alerts if packages are left in Hello’s view. There are a few possible reasons why your packages might not be in Hello’s view, but there are some things you can do that might help Hello detect packages and send you a notification.

For example, Hello might not be able to detect a package that a deliverer has hidden behind a planter to prevent theft. You can put up a sign or provide delivery notes to help the deliverer put your package in a place Hello can detect it.

Make sure Hello can see packages

Hello can only detect packages left in its view. If a package was delivered but you didn’t get an alert, it could be because Hello’s view of it is blocked by something or because the package is outside of Hello’s view.

You should check that packages can be seen in Hello’s video stream. If not, you may need to install the wedge to change Hello’s angle and adjust what it sees or remove the object that blocks the package from Hello’s view.

For example, if you notice that packages are typically left too far right from Hello’s view, you can try to adjust Hello’s angle to the right with the included wedge.

As another example, if you notice that a potted plant blocks Hello’s view of a package, you can try to move the plant out of the way.

 If that doesn’t work, you might want to check that Hello can detect packages in other spots. Once you know packages can be detected in certain spots, you can use Activity Zones to get better notifications about where your packages are left in Hello’s view. You can also try to help deliverers leave packages in those spots. See the section below for more information.

Help deliverers put packages where Hello can see them

These days, deliverers often put packages where they can’t be easily seen to prevent theft. If you want deliverers to put packages in places where your Hello can detect them, you might want to do the following:

  • You can write additional delivery instructions when you order from some carriers to help deliverers put packages in a place they can be detected.

  • You can put a sign near Hello to tell deliverers where to place packages so Hello can see them.

Make delivery spots well lit

While Hello has Night Vision, it can only see about 6 feet in the dark. If you want Hello to detect packages at night, make sure the area is well lit.

Lighting conditions for your Hello may also be impacted by seasonal changes. In the winter, for example, you may want to turn your porch light on sooner since it may get darker earlier.

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