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Reset Nest Protect and erase all settings

Factory reset your Google Nest Protect to erase your personal settings and restore it to its factory default settings.

Important things to know before you start

  • You’ll no longer receive Protect notifications on your phone or tablet.
  • Protect gets disconnected from other Protects in your home.
  • Protect deletes its Wi-Fi settings.
  • Protect erases its location name from the app.
  • Protect removes any feature settings such as Pathlight.

Important: If you factory reset your Protect, its ability to detect smoke or carbon monoxide (CO) does not change. The alarm should still sound if either is detected.

Reset Nest Protect to default factory settings

Note: You need physical access to your Protect to restore it to its factory default settings. You cannot erase Nest Protect’s settings with the app.

  1. Press and hold your Protect’s button. It will chime and glow blue. Continue holding the button down.
  2. Release the button when your Protect starts to say its version number.
  3. Your Protect will start a verbal countdown and tell you it’s erasing all your settings.
    • To cancel the factory reset, press Protect’s button again during the countdown. 
  4. After a few seconds your Protect will reset to its factory default settings. You can then go through setup with the app and add it to an account again.

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