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How to check that your Detect is installed right and how to fix it

You may have received a message in the app letting you know that one or more of your Google Nest Detects are installed incorrectly. Here’s how to check and how to fix your installation if needed.

Nest Detect can sense the movement of the door or window (the magnet can’t), so if you install the open/close magnet on the door and Detect on the frame, they won’t perform as well as they should.

Important: In order for your Detects to work properly, you should install them according to the instructions in the app setup. If you didn’t, don’t worry. It’s pretty simple to fix.

How to check and correct Nest Detect installation

1. Have a look

Visually check each Detect you have installed in your home.

  • Doors: Nest Detect should be installed on the door,
    which moves. The open/close magnet should be
    installed on the frame, which doesn’t move.
  • Windows: Detect should be installed on the moving
    part of the window. The magnet goes on the non-moving part.
  • If the Detect and magnet are installed in the wrong place,
    and you need to move them. Go to step 2.
detect on door


Uninstall Detect and the open/close magnet

  1. Get the extra adhesive strips that came in the box with your Detect. The strips aren’t re-usable so you’ll need to replace the original ones currently attached to Detect. Contact us if you need some extra adhesive strips or screws.
  2. Set the security level to Off Nest Guard off or the alarm may sound.
  3. Remove the Detect from the door or window it’s attached to.

    Important: Finish removal and replacement of your Detects one at a time. If you remove them all at once, their location in the app may get mixed up if you install them on a different door or window.

    If it’s attached with adhesive

    1. Carefully remove your Detect. Keep in mind that the adhesive’s bond is very strong.
    2. Touch up any surfaces as needed.
    3. Remove the old adhesive from Detect’s backplate. The adhesive is not reusable.
    4. Replace the adhesive.

    If it’s attached with a screw

    1. Pop Detect out of its backplate.
    2. Unscrew the backplate from the surface it’s mounted on.
    3. Fill any screw holes as needed.
  4. Remove the open-close magnet. Then replace the old adhesive strip with a new one that came in the box. Contact us if you need some extra adhesive strips.

Follow the instructions in the app to re-install Detect

Important: Follow the app instructions for reinstalling your Detect.

  1. Tap Settings Nest settings icon on the Nest app home screen.
  2. Tap Security.
  3. Then select the Detect you’re re-installing.
  4. Tap Check Setup and follow the app instructions closely.
    Note: You don’t need to connect your Detect to the app again – it will still be there.
    If you've received a message in the app, you can also tap Check Install. If multiple Detects were installed incorrectly, you'll receive separate messages. So make sure you're selecting the correct Detect message.

If you’ve re-installed your Detect and magnet on the same door or window, you’re done. If you’ve installed it in a new place, you’ll need to update the location in the Nest app.

  1. Tap Settings Nest settings icon on the Nest app home screen.
  2. Tap Security.
  3. Select the Detect that you moved.
  4. Choose Placement > Where.
  5. The app will ask if you’re moving the Detect to a new location or just updating its label. Tap Moving (you may also want to update the label, if the Detect has one)
  6. The app will guide you through the steps to update the placement information for your Detect.
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