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Set up Nest Connect

On April 8, 2024, Nest will no longer support Nest Secure. It will not be accessible in the Nest app and will no longer connect to the internet. You will not be able to use the Nest app to check the status of your Nest Secure, control your Nest Secure devices, or receive notifications from your alarm system. 

For more information, go to this Community Forum post.

Google Nest Connect does three things: it extends the range of your Google Nest Secure alarm system so you can install  Google Nest Detect sensors farther away, it has a backup battery in case the power goes out, and it enables the Google Nest × Yale Lock to be set up and to connect to the internet.

Using Nest Connect with the Nest Secure alarm system

Adding a Nest Connect to Nest Secure can provide an extra boost
sometimes needed to get reliable coverage throughout large
homes. This allows Nest Detects installed at the other end
of your home, to still communicate with Nest Guard.

Using Nest Connect with your lock

Nest Connect allows you to use the Nest × Yale Lock with the Nest

Nest secure connect front angle image.

How do I set up and install Nest Connect?

If you have other Nest products in your home already, make
sure they’re nearby when you try to add your Nest Connect to
the Nest app. Your Nest Connect will connect to them during
pairing and they’ll need to be in range.

  1. Open the Nest app Nest app.
  2. Tap Settings Nest settings icon and then Add product .
  3. Scan the QR code Nest QR code image.  on the back of your Connect.
  4. Follow the in-app instructions for setup.
  5. Plug your Nest Connect into a wall outlet between your Nest
    products to help extend the range.
 Nest connect being plugged into a wall outlet

If you have both Nest Secure and the Nest × Yale Lock, you can use the same Nest Connect to extend the range of your alarm system and allow your lock to connect to Wi-Fi. In some cases, you may need more than one Nest Connect if your lock and Guard are installed far away from each other.

When is a Nest Connect needed?

If you have a Nest Secure alarm system

You may need a Nest Connect to help your Nest Detect sensors communicate with Nest Guard if you have:

  • A larger home where Nest Detects are installed far away from your Nest Guard. Nest Connect extends the range and provides an extra boost to help improve communication between your Nest Detects and Nest Guard.
  • Wireless interference that's preventing your Nest Detects from communicating with Nest Guard. This can be due to a few factors like walls, floors, and other Wi-Fi networks disrupting wireless signals. If you find your Detects intermittently disconnecting, Connect may help your Nest Detects better communicate with Nest Guard. Check out our wireless troubleshooting article.

If you have a Nest x Yale Lock

To help save battery power, the Nest × Yale Lock pairs with a Nest Connect to connect your lock to Wi-Fi. You'll need a Nest Connect to set up and control your lock with the Nest app.

Nest x Yale Lock Nest Connect Router image.

How many Nest Connects can I put in my home?

You can have up to 4 Nest Connects per home in the Nest app.

Can I use one Nest Connect to extend the range of another Nest Connect?

Yes, you can use multiple Nest Connects to extend the range of Nest Secure in your home. Follow the steps in the Nest app to install your Nest Connects and place them where you want in your home.

If I have more than one Nest x Yale Lock, do I need more than one Nest Connect?

If you're installing multiple locks, you might need only one Nest Connect to work with your locks. However, if your doors are far apart or you live in a large home, you might need more than one Nest Connect. You'll know if you need another Nest Connect when installing because the lock will appear "Offline" in the Nest app if it is out of range.

Does Nest Connect use Wi-Fi?

Yes, it helps devices that don't have built-in Wi-Fi, like a Nest × Yale Lock or Nest Detect, connect to Wi-Fi so that they can use the Nest app. Add Nest Connect between Nest Guard and your Nest Detects to extend its range or between your lock and internet router to create a bridge.

Help with troubleshooting your Nest Connect

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