How Google Nest Cam automatically reconnects to your Wi-Fi network

Google Nest Cam remembers your Wi-Fi network information, so if it becomes disconnected, gets unplugged or loses power, it will automatically reconnect to your Wi-Fi network.

We all run into occasional problems with our Internet connection or Wi-Fi network. Things like network congestion, power cuts and problems with Internet service providers can cause your devices, including Nest Cam, to temporarily disconnect from your Wi-Fi network. You may see it listed as OFFLINE on the Nest app home screen, and you may also receive a notification that your camera has become disconnected. But as long as your camera has power, it will continually search for your Wi-Fi network. Once it’s able to find your Wi-Fi network again, it will automatically reconnect itself using the stored network name and password.

Your camera has internal video memory that can store about five minutes of video at 720p resolution. If you have a Nest Aware subscription and your camera is disconnected from Wi-Fi for a short time but is still switched on, it will store video until it can reconnect to Wi-Fi. When it does, the camera will attempt to upload the last five minutes of video to your video history while still capturing and saving new footage.

In some cases, you may need to restart your Wi-Fi network manually for your camera and other Wi-Fi devices to reconnect. Most routers just need to be unplugged for 30 seconds and plugged in again to restart. Refer to your router’s documentation for specific instructions.

If you change the password for your router, your camera will lose its Wi-Fi connection and then attempt to reconnect but fail. You will need to update your Nest Cam’s settings and provide the new network name and password. You may also need to check or change some of the settings on your new router.

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