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Reduced Motion Sensitivity with Nest Secure

Reduced Motion Sensitivity works best at preventing false alarms in a home that has one
small to medium sized dog that doesn’t jump on furniture. If you have more than one dog, a
cat, bird, or other pet, Reduced Motion Sensitivity may not help reduce false alarms.

         Troubleshoot false alarms

Installation requirements for Reduced Motion Sensitivity 

Reduced Motion Sensitivity installation requirements are different than the standard installation, so it’s necessary to install Google Nest Secure components to comply with Reduced Motion Sensitivity or it may not work as expected.

Google Nest Guard should be placed above your dog’s head, but still mounted within the standard range of 28 to 42 inches (0.7 to 1 m) above the floor.

Nest secure guard reduced


Nest Detect should be mounted exactly 6 feet 4 inches (1.9 m) above the floor.

Nest Secure Detect sensitivity


How detection ranges change for Reduced Motion Sensitivity 

When installing for Reduced Motion Sensitivity, also remember that the detection range
will be slightly smaller than the standard range.

Standard detection area Reduced Motion Sensitivity detection area

Nest detect standard range side

Nest secure detect reduced sensitivity range side

Side view Side view

Nest secure detect reduced sensitivity range

Nest secure detect reduced sensitivity range

Top view Top view

How to enable or disable Reduced Motion Sensitivity with the app

You can set your Nest Detects to ignore the motion of your small to medium-sized dog without affecting their ability to detect motion caused by people. When you turn on Reduced Motion Sensitivity in the Nest app, it’s turned on for all the Detects your whole home.

  1. Tap Settings Nest settings icon in the top right corner of the Nest app home screen.
  2. Select Security.
  3. Then select Security Levels.
  4. Select Reduced Motion Sensitivity.
  5. Tap the switch to turn it on or off.

Troubleshoot Reduced Motion Sensitivity 

Reduced Motion Sensitivity is not meant for use with pets like cats, birds and reptiles. It is only meant for use with dogs under 40 pounds. If you have other pets, or your dog is setting off the alarm, you can disable motion detection under Home and Guarding or Away and Guarding settings.

The bottom of your Nest Detect must be exactly 6 feet 4 inches (1.9 meters) above the floor to use Reduced Motion Sensitivity. If a Detect is installed too low or high, the range can be affected and you may get false alarms. Even with Reduced Motion Sensitivity turned on, Detects might still detect your dog.

If your Nest Detect still picks up motion from your dog, try moving your Nest Detect to a part of your home where your dog is unlikely to go or restricted from entering.

If you have a Nest Detect placed near a stairway, place it at the top instead of the bottom. Detects are more likely to sense your dog’s motion when placed at the bottom of the stairs and may cause false alarms.

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