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Learn about what can trigger Nest Secure’s alarm

An alarm can sound for security events like a door or window opening while your system is
armed. But Google Nest Secure can also sound an alarm when it thinks someone might be trying to
tamper with any part of your system. This article lists all the things that can trigger the alarm
at each security level.

Nest Secure will respond in different ways to activity around your home, depending on which
security level it’s currently set to. Read about security levels in the following article:

          Learn about Nest Secure alarm levels: Off, Home and Guarding, Away and Guarding >

If the alarm gets triggered, you can always silence it by disarming your system.

          How to arm and disarm Nest Secure >

Things that can trigger Nest Secure’s alarm

Depending on which level it’s set to, Nest Secure can respond to things in different ways.

  • Heads-Up then alarm: In some cases, Google Nest Guard will give you a friendly Heads-Up
     and some time to disarm your system before the alarm sounds.
  • Immediate alarm: For urgent security events, Guard will sound the alarm right away.
  • You can also get a phone notification whenever the alarm sounds.

Here are the different events and conditions that can trigger an alarm at each security level.

  Nest Guard off Home guard icon Away and guarding
  Off Home and Guarding Away and Guarding
Door opens - Heads-Up then alarm* Heads-Up then alarm
Window opens - Heads-Up then alarm* Immediate alarm
Motion detected - Heads-Up then alarm*** Heads-Up then alarm**
Power cable detached from bottom of Guard - Immediate alarm Immediate alarm
Guard senses that it’s been moved - - Heads-Up then alarm
Google Nest Detect’s button pressed, when Detect is installed on a door - Allows Quiet Open* Immediate alarm
Detect’s button pressed, when Detect is installed on a window or wall - - Immediate alarm
Any button on Guard pressed - - Heads-Up then alarm
Panic button on Guard pressed Immediate alarm Immediate alarm Immediate alarm
Detect removed from its backplate - Immediate alarm Immediate alarm
Wireless interference (Thread jamming) sensed by Guard - Immediate alarm Immediate alarm


* When set to Home and Guarding Home guard icon, you can use Quiet Open to open a door or window
without disarming the rest of your system.

** Keep in mind, you can use the Nest app to turn off motion sensing in Away and Guarding
 Away and guarding . If you did so, motion in your home won’t trigger a Heads-Up or alarm.

*** Motion detection is off by default in Home and Guarding Home guard icon, but you can turn motion
detection on
 to trigger a Heads-Up then alarm when Detects on a wall or door sense motion.

Other Nest products won’t trigger alarms

The motion sensors in Guard and Detect were precisely calibrated and UL certified to work
as home security devices, so they can set off the alarm when your system is armed. If you
have other Nest and Works With Nest products in your home, they won’t trigger the alarm.
For example, if you have a Google Nest thermostat, its activity sensors can help it figure out when
someone’s home and adjust the temperature accordingly, but the sensors won’t help Nest
Secure determine whether to trigger an alarm.

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