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Learn about home entry schedules and how to change them

You can set a schedule that limits when certain people with Home Entry Only access can enter and exit your home. People with scheduled entry can use a passcode with the Google Nest × Yale Lock or use a passcode or Google Nest Tag with Google Nest Secure. This is helpful if you want to give a passcode or Tag to your sitter, dog walker, or anyone else that should only be in your home during a certain time.

How home entry schedules work

Schedules can only be set for people with Home Entry Only access. If they have Full access, you won’t be able to set a schedule. If you would prefer to limit someone’s entry to your home, consider removing Full access for them and giving them Home Entry Only access instead.

Important: The person needs to be out of your home before their scheduled entry time expires.

  • Nest Secure will automatically arm itself to the security level it was using before the person disarmed it. So if they’re still there, they can trigger the alarm and won’t be able to disarm it.
  • For the Nest × Yale Lock, if you have One Touch Locking disabled, they won’t be able to lock your door using their passcode.

Rules for creating a home entry schedule

  • You need to have a Nest Secure alarm system or the Nest × Yale Lock installed in your home and be the Owner or have Full access to the home. If you don’t, you won’t see the option to create a schedule for someone.
  • The person you’re creating a schedule for needs to be added to your Nest home and given Home Entry Only access.
    Note: When you add a person to your Nest home with Home Entry Only, there will be an option to create a schedule for them.
  • You can’t create a schedule for somebody who has Full Access or for the Owner of the home. They can access the home 24/7.

For more information about adding someone to your Nest home and the different levels of access you can give them, see the following article:

Learn about Family Accounts and how to share access to your Nest home >

Note: It doesn’t matter whether the person you’re creating a schedule for is using a passcode, a Tag, or both. You’ll be creating the schedule for the person rather than the passcode or Tags assigned to them. So if you create a schedule for someone and then re-assign their Tag to someone else, the schedule won’t follow the Tag. It will either be updated to the new Tag owner’s schedule (if they have one) or disappear if the new owner doesn’t have a schedule.

How to create, change, or delete a home entry schedule

How to create or change a schedule

  1. If you haven’t already, invite the person to share your Nest home with Home Entry Only access.
  2. On the Nest app home screen, tap Settings .
  3. Tap Family & Guests app family and guests icon.
  4. Tap the person’s name.
  5. Tap Schedule Nest app schedule icon.
  6. Tap Starts to set a start date for entry and tap Expires if you want to set an end date for entry to your home.
  7. Set the daily schedule to allow them to enter your home all day, or certain times of the day, and specific days of the week.
  8. Tap the back back arrow icon to save your changes and return to the person’s profile.
  9. To email the schedule to the person, tap Send info. If you’re updating the schedule, tap Send update.
  10. Enter the email address and add a short note about what the person might need to know about your home and the new schedule.
  11. Tap Send.

How to delete a schedule

To delete someone’s entry schedule, tap Schedule  Nest app schedule icon  tap Reset to default to start letting that person use their passcode or Tag at any time.

Note: If you need to permanently revoke someone’s access to your home, see the section below

How to revoke someone's access to your home

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