How to get Nest Hello visitor announcements on a Google Assistant-enabled speaker or display

Your Google Assistant device can announce when someone rings your doorbell, and if the device includes a screen, you can also see who’s there. Your device needs to be in the same home as your Nest Hello to get visitor announcements.

You can get announcements from your Nest Hello video doorbell on:

  • A Google Assistant-enabled speaker
  • A Google Assistant-enabled display

Here’s how to set up your Google Nest Hello to work with your Google Assistant-enabled speaker or display.

1. Install the Nest and Google Home apps

On your phone or tablet, make sure you have both of these apps.

2. Set up your products in your home

You’ll need to install your products and add them to their respective apps before setting up visitor announcements. If you haven’t done so already:

3. Turn visitor announcements on or off

  1. Open the Nest app app home icon.
  2. Tap on your Nest Hello video doorbell.
  3. Tap Settings Nest settings icon and then Visitor announcements.
  4. When asked, follow the onscreen prompts in the Google Home app to complete setup.

To turn off visitor announcements, visit the article about how to turn off Google Home notifications.

How visitor announcements work 

  • When someone rings your doorbell, it will still send a notification to all phones thta share access to that doorbell with the Nest app.
  • Your indoor chime will ring if it’s wired to Hello and it’s set to ring in the app’s Hello settings menu. Your Google Assistant-enabled device, such as your Google speakers and displays, will also announce the visitor.
    • If you have a Google Assistant-enabled smart display, its notification will include live video from your doorbell.
  • You’ll only get visitor announcements on your speakers and displays if they are set up in the same home as your Hello in the Home app. 
    • If you have multiple homes in the Home app, such as your primary residence and a vacation home, when someone rings the Hello in your vacation home, you won’t receive a visitor announcement on the speakers and displays in your primary residence. You’ll still get a notification on your phone or tablet from the Nest app.
  • If you have familiar face alerts turned on, your Google Assistant can show or say the name you’ve assigned to the visitor. Keep in mind, you’ll need to enable familiar face alerts in the Nest app and assign names to the people you’ve told your doorbell to recognize. Otherwise, your Google Assistant will only announce that a person is at the door.

For more information, visit the article about how to use a doorbell with Google Home.

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