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How to protect your Nest camera and its video from tampering

Google Nest cameras are designed with security features like cloud-based streaming and a power cord that can be hidden or secured to a wall to prevent tampering. Here are some other things you can do to help keep your camera safe and some tips to follow if something happens to your camera.

A visible camera can be a deterrent 

A security camera that makes its presence known can help deter potential intruders. So you might want to install your camera in a place where it can easily be seen, with its status light on.

Think about where you want to put your camera and what purpose you want it to serve. We have some helpful recommendations in the following article.

Where to put your camera so you can keep an eye on what you want

Secure the power cable

Unlike some cameras that don’t have wires and are easy to walk away with, most Nest cameras are tethered to a power outlet. Use this to your advantage.

Indoor cameras

  • Run your camera’s power cable along a hidden route in the room, such as behind furniture or shelving, so that it’s harder to spot and unplug.
  • For an even tidier look, you can install cable clips to help keep the power cord attached to the wall. Check your local hardware store for availability.

Nest Cam IQ outdoor 

  • Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor has a
    locking base that can completely
    conceal the power cord. Simply drill
    a 1/2-inch hole in your wall, run the
    cable through it, and plug it into an
    indoor outlet. When it’s installed this
    way, the cable won’t be visible or accessible outside your home.
Cam IQ outdoor camera over cable hole

  • If you need to run the power cable
    along your exterior wall be sure to use
    the included cable clips to secure the cable.
    The clips will make it difficult to for someone
    dislodge or steal the camera. To make the
    cable less visible , you can run it along an edge, eave, or other hidden place.
Cam IQ outdoor cord mounting


Nest Cam Outdoor 

  • Google Nest Cam Outdoor’s cable is permanently attached to the camera. Here are some things you can do to help conceal the cord and make it difficult to unplug or steal the camera:
  • Use the included clips and screws to fasten the cable to a wall or surface.
  • Use a clip near the camera to prevent someone from yanking on the cable to dislodge the camera.
  • Run the cable along an edge, eave or other hidden area.
  • Paint the power cable and clips to match your home.
    Note: Don’t paint or cover the camera. This can affect it’s sensors and performance, and may void the warranty.
  • If your Nest Cam Outdoor is plugged into an outdoor outlet, install a lockable “while-in-use” or "water and dust" cover that will help prevent it from being unplugged.
  • Run the flat USB cable through a doorway and plug it into an indoor outlet. Keep the cable out of reach by routing it through the top instead of the bottom of the door.
  • Drill a ⅞” hole through the wall and run the cable through it to plug it into an indoor outlet. Be sure to identify any in-wall pipes or wiring before drilling the hole. Or, find a local pro to handle this type of installation from start to finish.

Save your camera's video history in the cloud 

The Nest app lets you watch a live video stream from your Nest camera, but sometimes you want to be able to go back and see something that happened in the past. Adding a Google Nest Aware subscription to your camera not only gives you more intelligent alerts, but you’ll also be able to review your continuous video history.

Other security cameras rely on local storage like a hard drive or SD card that can be tampered with, but your Nest camera’s video footage is stored securely in your cloud-based account in the Nest app. There’s nothing an intruder can do about it. Even if a thief steals your Nest camera, they won’t be able to view or tamper with your footage.

Increase the security of your account in the Nest app 

Your account in the Nest app is password-protected. When you sign in, you can change camera settings, view camera footage, and delete your video history (for Nest Aware subscribers). To help prevent someone from signing in and making changes without your permission, never share your password with anybody else.

You can add an extra layer of security by signing into the app with 2-step verification. To learn more about 2-step verification and set it up on your account, see:

Note: If you want to let someone else watch live video from your Nest camera but not give them access to your Nest home, there’s a way to share just the video stream through a password-protected link.

What to do if your camera gets damaged or stolen 

  • Review alerts and video footage to see what happened
  • Your Nest camera can send an activity alert if it spots the vandal or thief, and you can also get a notification if it’s destroyed or taken out of range of your Wi-Fi network and goes offline. The email includes a snapshot of the last thing your camera saw.
  • For cameras with a Nest Aware subscription, review your video history to see exactly what happened. Watching someone break into your home can be jarring. But it can help you understand how it happened and what steps you can take to prevent another incident.
    How to watch your video history
  • You may also want to share the footage with law enforcement. You can do this by creating a video clip of the incident.
    How to create a video clip
  • From there, you can download the clip to your computer and then load the footage onto a thumb drive, send it as an attachment in an email, or upload it to a file hosting service like Google Drive.
  • Move your camera if needed If your camera was merely moved or unplugged, take this opportunity to evaluate the placement of your camera. Every home is different, and intruders don’t always do the same thing, so you’ll need to decide whether you want to put your camera back where it was or mount it in a new spot. The tips above give you some different options to choose from.

Nest Hello theft replacement program

We have a theft replacement policy for the Nest Hello video doorbell. So when you report your Nest Hello stolen, you may qualify for a free replacement. Please see the following article to learn more:

What to do if your Nest Hello video doorbell is stolen >

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