Broadcast voice messages to Google Home devices

Send a message to everyone in your home by broadcasting messages on all of your Google Home devices. 

Note: If Digital Wellbeing is enabled, this feature may be restricted or blocked by Downtime, Filters, or Do not disturb. Learn about Digital Wellbeing.


Get started

Broadcast from Google Home device to Google Home device

What you need

Where will the broadcast play?

If the message is started on a Google Home device, it plays on all Google Home devices that:

Broadcast from phone to Google Home device

What you need

Where will the broadcast play?

If the message is started on a phone, it plays on all Google Home devices that are signed in to the same Google Account. 

Your phone does not need to be on the same Wi-Fi network as your Google Home devices.

Broadcast a custom message

To do this... Say "Ok Google," then...
Create a custom message

"Broadcast <message>"

You can also use the commands “shout,” “tell everyone,” or “announce” instead of “broadcast.”

This broadcasts on all devices except the device you're broadcasting from.

Broadcast delightful sounds

To broadcast a message for:      Say "Ok Google," then...

Wake up


  • wake up everyone
  • "(it's) time to wake up"


  • breakfast is ready
  • breakfast is served
  • (it's) time for breakfast


  • (your) lunch is ready
  • it's lunch time


  • dinner is served
  • dinner is ready
  • ring the dinner bell
  • (it's) time for dinner
  • it's dinner time
Time to leave


  • (it's) time to get out
  • (it's) time to leave
  • (it's) time to leave home
  • (it's) time to leave the house
Arrived home


  • I'm home
  • I'm here
On the way


  • (I'm) on the way
  • (I'll) be home soon
  • (I'll) be back soon
Movie time


  • (it's) movie time
  • the movie is about to start
  • let's go to the movie
TV time


  • the show is about to start
  • it's time to watch tv
  • (it's) tv time


  • (it's) time for bed
  • (it's) time to go to bed
  • sleep time
  • we should go to bed

These broadcast on all devices including the device you're broadcasting from. 

Voice Match and broadcasting messages

Anyone (including users enrolled in Voice Match and guests) can broadcast a message. 

Reply to a broadcast

You can reply to a broadcast after you hear it. Your reply will only be sent to the original broadcasting device. Other Google Home devices and mobile devices will not get your reply.

To do this Say "OK Google..." followed by
Reply to a broadcast
  • "Reply <message>"
  • "Send a reply"


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