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Support for OnHub routers ending

A lot has changed since OnHub routers were introduced in 2016—most notably, the shift to mesh networking systems. They provide coverage for your whole home with multiple Wi-Fi points instead of just a single router. Since then, Google has launched 3 generations of mesh Wi-Fi products. In 2023, support for OnHub routers will end.

To continue using the Google Home app to manage your Wi-Fi network, you'll need to upgrade to a new Wi-Fi setup.

Timeline for OnHub router support

Before January 11, 2023

Your OnHub router will continue to work as expected, but won't receive any new software features or security updates. We recommend you upgrade to a new Wi-Fi setup today.

After January 11, 2023

Your OnHub router will still provide a Wi-Fi signal, but you'll no longer be able to manage it with the Google Home app.

  • You won't be able to update things like Wi-Fi network settings, add additional Wifi devices, or run speed tests.
  • Google Assistant features like "Hey Google, pause my Wi-Fi" will stop working.
  • OnHub performance can't be guaranteed.
  • If OnHub is a mesh node for your Google Wifi or Nest Wifi network: To continue managing your network with the Google Home app, you’ll need to remove the OnHub from the network by factory resetting it in the Google Home App.

Factory reset instructions with the Google Home app

Note: When you remove your existing Wi-Fi network, your previous settings and configurations will be erased.

  1. Write down your network name and password and any other custom settings or details you added in the Google Home app. Here are some examples of settings you can keep:
  2. Factory reset your old network.
    • If OnHub is the primary router: Open the Google Home app Google Home app Tap Favorites or Devices tap Wifi  and then Factory reset the network.
    • If OnHub is the mesh node: Open the Google Home app Google Home app  Tap Favorites or Devices  tap Wifi  and then Factory reset your OnHub point.
  3. Set up your new Wi-Fi system and manually add your custom settings or details again to your new network.

Keeping your old network's devices connected

If either the network name or password is changed, your devices won't connect to your new network and each device will need to be reconfigured to match your new network.

To keep your existing wireless devices seamlessly connected to your network, reuse the same network name and password as your old network:

If some devices don't reconnect, check out how to troubleshoot devices that can't connect after setup.

Prepare for the end of OnHub support

  1. Learn how to recycle your OnHub router.
  2. Upgrade to a newer Wi-Fi setup.

Benefits of upgrading your Wi-Fi system

Upgrading your Wi-Fi setup to Google Wifi, Nest Wifi, or Nest Wifi Pro includes the following benefits.

Improved mesh network with the latest software features, for example:

  • Automatic prioritization for video conferencing applications. Learn more about Preferred activities.
  • Optimization of internet performance when ISP speeds slow down to make the most of limited bandwidth
  • Automatically attempt network recovery in certain scenatios when WAN connection isn't responsive
  • Find network insights that proactively help you identify and fix connection issues with your internet, Wi-Fi network, and individual devices. Learn more about Network insights for Wi-Fi devices.

Helpful app improvements

  • Get notifications when new or inactive devices join the network
  • Get real-time connection speed information to help identify where the issues are, and receive troubleshooting tips to improve your device's performance
  • Run speed tests and receive insights to help you understand how you can improve your internet connection speed on a specific device
  • Check your peak internet usage on a graph to help you understand if your current internet plan is the best fit for your home

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