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The Google Home app has replaced the Google Wifi app

To help you manage all your connected products in one place, controls for Google Wifi have moved from the Google Wifi app to the Google Home app.

You should transfer your network to the Google Home app to continue to access your network settings and Google Wifi features. Migrating is quick and won’t disrupt your Wi-Fi.

Migrate to the Google Home app

Important: The Google Wifi app can no longer be used to make changes to your Wi-Fi network. To make changes, like add or remove members, change device names, perform a factory reset, and run speed tests to your network, migrate to the Google Home app. However, read-only access to the Google Wifi app is still available. This means you can still access and view the Google Wifi app and your devices.

New features available in the Google Home app

Features that are different in the Google Home app

Most features in the Google Wifi app can be used in the Google Home app. Testing Wi-Fi speeds to specific devices on your network will be added in an upcoming Google Home app release.

Things to know

  • The Google Wifi app is no longer available to download.
  • The Google Wifi app can only be used to factory reset Wifi devices.
  • You can only set up Wifi devices in the Google Home app.
  • If you want to make changes to your network, including any features or settings, use the Google Home app.
  • You need the Google Home app to expand your network or create new networks.

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