Teach Google Clips to recognize familiar faces

Your Google Clips camera can tell the difference between the various faces it sees, so that over time it will recognize the faces it sees most often as familiar.

When your camera is capturing and it sees a familiar face, it'll give you more clips featuring that person.

Your camera can learn to recognize friends and family as familiar in several ways:

Learn by capturing clips

When you capture clips, your Google Clips camera learns on its own to recognize the people it sees. The more you're with someone and the more your camera sees them, the more likely it is to recognize them as a familiar face.

Learn from a close-up

Using the shutter button to shoot a portrait of a friend or family member is a quick way to teach your Google Clips camera to recognize them. Here's how to capture the perfect close-up:

  1. Point the camera at a person you'd like to introduce. Only one person can be in view.
  2. Make sure the person is within 3-8 feet of the camera.
  3. Press the shutter button on the front of your camera to manually capture a clip for at least 3 seconds.

Learn from your photos

Already have a bunch of photos of friends and family backed up to Google Photos? You can allow Google Clips to download photos from your Google Photos library and learn who matters most to you. Here's how:

  1. Open the Google Clips app.
  2. Connect to your Google Clips camera.
  3. Tap Settings  at the top of the home screen.
  4. Scroll down and tap Familiar Faces.
  5. Under "Learn from your photos," tap Turn on.
  6. Select the Google Account you use to back up your photos.

Note: The ability for Google Clips to download and analyze photos from Google Photos is only available on Android and is not available in the state of Illinois.

Familiar faces and face data your camera learns are stored on your camera. To erase familiar faces, remove the camera from the Google Clips app or factory reset the device.

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