Get support

This page contains links to resources for billing and technical support.

In addition to the resources listed below, there's a lot of helpful documentation on the Google Developers site. Also, you can use the Stack Overflow google-api tag to find community support for Google APIs.

Billing support

For API billing support, the following options are available:

  • To contact Support with billing questions, use the Billing Support Requests form. A support representative will respond to you via email.

    Tip: Billing support is available to all API customers. However, if you are a Google Cloud Platform customer and you signed up for an upgraded Google Cloud Platform support level (Silver, Gold, or Platinum), you can use the expedited Google Cloud Support Center for billing questions and technical support.

  • API billing help is available in the Google API Console Billing and Payments help.

Maps API support  

For Google Maps API, the following options are available.

G Suite API support  

For G Suite API support, the following options are available.

Google Cloud Platform support

For Google Cloud Platform support, documentation and community support are available.

For detailed information about Google Cloud Platform support options, including paid support, see Get Support in the Google Cloud Platform help.