Learn about appointment schedules in Google Calendar

Important: Appointment schedules and appointment slots are different. Learn more about appointment slots.

With appointment schedules, you can:

  • Create and share booking pages so people can book time with you
  • View booked appointments alongside your schedule in Google Calendar

Learn about premium features for appointment schedules

You can create a single booking page to let others schedule unlimited appointments on your calendar at no charge. If you have an eligible Google Workspace or Google One subscription, appointment schedules come with premium features like:

  • Different types of appointments with their own schedules and booking pages
  • Automatic email reminders for people who book an appointment with you
  • Multiple calendars checked for schedule conflicts
  • Require payments for appointments
  • Email verification to avoid spam bookings

Premium features for appointment schedules are available with:


  • Appointment schedules aren’t available for Workspace Business Starter.
  • Email verification and paid appointments aren’t available for Google One Premium.

Choose your plan

  • If you have a business and want to use features like email marketing, try Google Workspace Individual or Google Workspace editions for Business and Enterprise.
  • If you have a personal Google Account and want more storage across Drive, Gmail, and Photos, try Google One Premium.

Learn how appointment schedules work

Use your own professional booking page

  • You get a professional booking page for the different types of appointments you offer.
  • Anyone with an email address can book an appointment.
  • Your booking page automatically updates to avoid conflicts with other events on your calendar.

Get appointment email notifications

  • You get booking confirmation and update emails.
  • People who book an appointment with you can also receive an automatic reminder email before the appointment.

Choose how you meet

  • You can customize how you meet with your customers:
    • In person.
    • On the phone.
    • Over Google Meet video conference.
      • If you choose to meet over video conference, a Google Meet link is automatically added to your appointments.

Require payments for appointments

  • To require payments, you need to connect a Stripe account to Google Calendar.
  • When you create or edit your appointment schedule, you set the price for the appointment.
  • When customers choose a time slot on your booking page, they checkout and pay for the appointment using Stripe to complete the booking process.

Customize your appointment availability

  • You can adjust the minimum or maximum time in advance that an appointment can be booked.
  • You can limit the max number of appointments per day.
  • You can customize the window for appointments.
  • You can automatically add custom buffer time in between appointments.
  • You can collect extra information from people who book appointments through the appointment booking form.

Learn the difference between appointment schedules & slots

Appointment schedules offer more flexible booking options for people who don’t have a Google Account or are outside your organization. For example, if you have a link to your booking page on your website, people can access the booking page and schedule meetings.

Appointment slots are only available to eligible Google Workspace accounts. To book an appointment slot, the person who books the slot must have a Google Account. Learn more about appointment slots.

Learn about information shared between Stripe & Calendar

After you connect Stripe to Google Calendar, some appointment information is shared with Stripe, including:

  • Price
  • Appointment title
  • Time slot

To manage the data that Stripe uses, go to your Stripe dashboard. If you no longer want to use Stripe, disconnect Stripe from Google Calendar.

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