Require payments for appointments

To simplify payments and prevent last minute cancellations, you can ask customers to pay in advance on your appointment schedule in Google Calendar.

Learn how paid appointments work

  • To require payments, you need to connect a Stripe account to Google Calendar.
  • When you create or edit your appointment schedule, you set the price for the appointment.
  • When customers choose a time slot on your booking page, they checkout and pay for the appointment using Stripe to complete the booking process.


  • If your Google Workspace account is managed by an organization, your administrator controls access to paid appointment bookings. If you don’t see this feature, contact your administrator.
  • Paid appointment bookings are a premium feature for appointment schedules and available to users with an eligible Google Workspace subscription.
Google Workspace editions that support appointment payments
  • Workspace Individual
  • Business Standard
  • Business Plus
  • Enterprise Standard
  • Enterprise Plus
  • Education Fundamentals
  • Education Standard
  • Education Plus
  • Workspace for Nonprofits

Connect Stripe to Google Calendar

  1. On your computer, open Google Calendar.
  2. In the top right, click Settings and then Settings.
  3. On the left, click General and then Appointment schedules.
  4. Select the option to connect to Stripe.
  5. To finish, follow the instructions on Stripe.

Connect Stripe in Calendar settings

Set up your payments & cancellation policy


  • Customers can only select credit card payment, Apple Pay, and Google Pay as payment options.
  • As the event organizer, it’s your responsibility to carry out your cancellation and refund policies.
  1. In Google Calendar, create or edit an appointment schedule.
  2. Expand the “Payments & cancellation policy” section.
  3. Check the box next to “Require payment when booking.”
  4. Enter the amount and currency required for the appointment.
  5. Optional: Add your cancellation policy.
    • The cancellation policy appears on your booking form and in email reminders.
  6. Click Save.

Create an appointment schedule

Disconnect Stripe from Google Calendar

Important: After you disconnect Stripe, all appointment schedules no longer require payment.

  1. In Google Calendar, at the top right, click Settings and then Settings.
  2. On the left, click General and then Appointment schedules.
  3. Select the option to disconnect Stripe.
  4. To confirm, click Disconnect Stripe.

Learn about payments and refunds for appointments

All payments and refunds are handled by Stripe. Google Calendar does not:

  • Process or store any payment info, such as credit card numbers
  • Charge any platform fees
  • Assist with payment or refund issues

When you cancel an appointment as the organizer or the customer, a refund isn’t processed automatically.

  • If you’re the organizer: To refund the customer, go to your Stripe dashboard.
  • If you’re the customer: To request a refund for an appointment cancellation, review the organizer’s cancellation policy first, then contact them to ask for a refund.

Learn about information shared between Stripe & Calendar

After you connect Stripe to Google Calendar, some appointment information is shared with Stripe, including:

  • Price
  • Appointment title
  • Time slot

To manage the data that Stripe uses, go to your Stripe dashboard. If you no longer want to use Stripe, disconnect Stripe from Google Calendar.

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