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new automatic-image-improvements feature https://support.google.com/merchants/answer/9476429
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Etiquette of Trademark keyword search use? I understand it is acceptable for a company to reach out to an advertiser using a trademark in Text … Revenue for your ads Hi, I am running a Google search ad from the month of Feb - 19. The main purpose of running the ad i…
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Does ads count in referral traffic? Does "referral" traffic includes display ads? that is, if a user clicked on an ad, would that click …
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how to choose content exclusion categories I am little bit confused about content exclusion categories definitions. For example, if I have an a… Hi, what is the deal with Google strategists keep calling you? I've had many over the years Hi, I am just wondering, I have talked too many Google strategists over the years while advertising … What is the best order to do all of the Google skillshop lessons if I want to complete all of them? I've taken a few of the skillshopz but it seems that they're kinda mingled with information from oth…
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Google Strategists? They arent Google yet apparently they can effect your partner status? Google are telling us we need to be in contact with an account strategist in order to get invites to… Experiments - Cookie based split and audience targeting lists I am in the process of setting up an experiment and i need a bit of help understanding the cookie ba…
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What is "googlesyndication"? | #AdsAnswers Hi Ads Community, I’m Sonakshi from the Ads team, and I’d like to share some information about a top…
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Is this helpful with the marketing of the company I'm looking to see if we need this for our company - Is it a good idea?
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He there, Phishing issue on my website.. Google Adword will stop my ad for reason "Disapproved erro He there, Phishing issue on my website.. Google Adword will stop my ad for reason "Disapproved error…
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