Download selected campaigns, keywords & targeting, ads, and ad assets

A new feature in Google Ads Editor, allows you to select which entities to download in order to make downloads faster. Download the newest version of Google Ads Editor.

Google Ads Editor allows you to select all or specific campaigns, keywords & targeting, ads, and ad assets when you download or update your account. The options include the following:

  • All campaigns: Download or update the whole account.
  • Campaigns already downloaded: Only available when part or all of the account is already in Google Ads Editor. If you're adding a new account, this option is grayed out. (Another way to accomplish the same thing is to choose "Campaigns I select" and select the campaigns you've already downloaded.)
  • Campaigns I select: If you choose this option, Google Ads Editor loads a list of campaigns so you can select what you want to download or update. You can then change the set of campaigns you've downloaded at any time.

Under “Choose item types to download,” you can select any keywords & targeting, ads, and ad assets you’d like to download.

Choose a subset of campaigns

To quickly choose certain types of campaigns to download, use the links (Select: All, None, Active, Paused that appear in the campaign selection dialog. For example, if you select Active, you will only download active campaigns, leaving paused, deleted, and ended campaigns on the server. Additionally you can select the keywords & targeting, ads, and ad assets to download. Note: If you don’t make changes to the “Choose item types to download” section, all item types will be selected by default.

Unposted changes

If you have unposted changes in a campaign, and you don't include that campaign in your selection, you'll lose the unposted changes. You'll see a warning if this is the case, and you'll be able to cancel the download.

Troubleshoot slow accounts or recent changes downloads

If Google Ads Editor downloads accounts or recent changes less quickly than usual, check the list below for possible causes:

  • Are you using the latest version of Google Ads Editor? Upgrading to the latest version might help fix this issue. To start, check which version you're using, then visit the Google Ads Editor download page to get the latest version.

  • Does your computer have a slow Internet connection? To determine if the issue is related to the computer that you're using, try downloading the account on another computer, or ask a colleague to download the account from another location.

  • Are you attempting to download too many items? If your account is very large, you can change your download settings. For example, you can deselect certain campaigns or choose not to download removed and ended items or specific ad types and assets.

Do you have a very large account? If so, you can change the Google Ads Editor download mode and retry the download.

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