Keep working while you check or post changes

If you use Google Ads Editor to manage more than one account, you can edit a different account while you check changes or post changes.

Work on another account while checking or posting changes

  1. Bring up the Accounts manager by going to the Accounts menu > Open.
  2. Select or add an account, and click Open.

The checking or posting continues in the background while you work. The “Last updated” column in the Accounts manager screen shows a progress bar to indicate how far along the changes are.

Cancel changes

Once you've begun checking or posting changes, you can cancel the operation in the Accounts manager.

  1. Open the Accounts manager by going to the Accounts menu > Open.
  2. Find the account that is checking or posting changes, or select multiple accounts at once.
  3. Click Cancel at the top of the Accounts manager window, or right-click the account and select Cancel.

Use the Accounts manager to track your posting activity

You can open the Accounts manager any time from the Account menu > Open. The Accounts manager provides the following options:

  • View the progress of accounts that are checking or posting changes.
  • Cancel checking or posting operations.
  • Open an account that has finished checking or posting changes.

Check or post multiple accounts at once

Multiple accounts can check or post changes simultaneously. For example, suppose you opened Account B while Account A was posting. You can check changes in Account B, and start editing Account C. You have two background operations in progress.

The Account manager lets you choose multiple accounts to check for errors before posting.

It isn't possible to open an account that is currently checking or posting changes. You must first cancel the operation or confirm that it's complete. A checking or posting operation can finish in three ways:

Regardless of the outcome, you'll need to confirm that the operation is complete before you can open that account. You can confirm completion in the Accounts manager screen. Accounts that are checking or posting changes will have a progress bar in the “Last updated” column.

Once you confirm completion, you can check or post changes that failed in a previous attempt.

You can also post multiple accounts at once by selecting the accounts in the accounts manager and clicking Post.

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