Change campaign device targeting


Google Ads Editor 1.8 supports the latest updates to audience targeting. Previous versions of Google Ads Editor will not support the new targeting methods. To avoid errors when downloading, viewing, and assigning your audiences, it's recommended to upgrade to Google Ads Editor 1.8.

Campaigns can be customized to target specific devices and operating systems, giving you greater precision and control over who sees your ads. Follow these instructions to target devices:

  1. Select Campaigns in the type list.
  2. Select one or more campaigns. If you select multiple campaigns, your changes apply to all selected campaigns.
  3. Next to "Devices" in the edit panel, click Edit  Edit.
  4. Choose one of the options below:
    • Option 1: Select All available devices. This option removes any previous operating system or carrier targeting settings.
    • Option 2 (only for Display and video campaigns): Select Let me choose... to target certain operating systems, then choose specific versions and carriers.
  5. Click OK.

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