Set up your Google Ads account for store sales

To use Google’s store sales measurement, follow these steps in your Google Ads account.

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Step 1: Check eligibility based on your business type

Store sales reporting is available to eligible retail, restaurants and Automotive OEM/regional deal groups. Additionally, please check the eligibility criteria.

Step 2: Contact your Google Ads representative

If your Google Ads account is eligible, the next step is to contact your Google Ads representative. Your Google Ads representative can then get your account registered for store sales measurement.

Advertisers who meet the eligibility criteria and are registered for store sales measurement should automatically receive store sales counts reporting and store sales value reporting based on the current default conversion value in their Google Ads account. If you’re interested in uploading hashed in-store transaction data to receive dynamic store sales values, learn more about account eligibility requirements.

Step 3: Set up the store sales conversion action

Note: The instructions below are part of the new design for the Google Ads user experience. To use the previous design, click the "Appearance" icon, and select Use previous design. If you're using the previous version of Google Ads, review the Quick reference map or use the Search bar in the top navigation panel of Google Ads to find the page you’re searching for.

After you’re registered for automatic store sales counts data, you should see the “Store sales” conversion action within your Google Ads account.

When the “Store sales” conversion action is in your Google Ads account, we recommend that you edit the settings and update the default conversion value of the conversion action.

An animated gif demonstrating how to edit the conversion value for store sales.

  1. In your Google Ads account, click the Goals icon Goals Icon.
  2. Click the Conversions drop down in the section menu.
  3. Click Summary.
  4. Click New conversion action.
  5. Click Store sales.
  6. Select Store sales, and click Continue.
  7. Click the “Store sales” conversion action that you want to edit.
  8. Click Edit settings. You can now make changes to the “Store sales” conversion action.
  9. If you want to change the attribution model for the “Store sales” conversion action, click the Attribution model section, then choose Last click or Data-driven. The attribution model you choose determines how much credit each click gets for your conversions. Learn more about attribution models
  10. We recommend updating the default store sales value. To do this, click the Value section and update the value in the field. We recommend providing a value which reflects the average order value of your sales, as this will help provide better insights when evaluating store sales data.
    1. Note: If you’re receiving automatic store sales values, the default value won’t be used. If you’re uploading in-store transaction data, the default value will only be used if you stop uploading eligible in-store transaction data after a period of time.

If you want to upload in-store transaction data, you need to navigate to your Google Ads account to accept the store sales (uploads) customer data terms after your Google Ads account has been approved. Follow the steps below to read and accept the policy:

  1. In your Google Ads account, click the Goals icon Goals Icon.
  2. Click the Conversions drop down in the section menu.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Click and expand the ‘’Customer data terms’’ section to view and read the policies. Confirm that you can comply with the policies.
  5. Click “I have read and agree” if you would like to use store sales measurement.

Determine business type and eligibility

Store sales measurement is available to retailers, restaurants, and automotive OEMs or regional dealer groups. You can check the following list for examples of eligible store types. There may be other things not included on the list. If you are unsure, please contact your Google Ads representative.

Business type Store examples

Retailers, restaurants, and automotive OEMs/regional dealer groups

Learn more about store sales for retailers, restaurants, and automotive OEMs/regional dealer groups (beta)

  • General retail stores that sell a variety of merchandise or specific categories of items like clothing or electronics
  • Grocery stores
  • Hardware stores
  • Office supply stores
  • Auto parts, tires, and repair shops
  • Hair salons or nail salons
  • Restaurants of all types
  • Automotive OEMs/regional dealer groups
  • Gas stations

Congratulations! Your Google Ads account is now fully set up to use store sales. If you want to upload your 1P store sales data, you need to prepare and upload your store sales data.


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