Introducing new features for responsive search ads

July 15, 2020

Responsive search ads use machine learning to deliver relevant messages to potential customers. In fact, advertisers who add responsive search ads to their ad groups see up to 10% more clicks and conversions.1 To help you engage consumers more effectively, we’re introducing new features to make responsive search ads even more relevant and easier to manage.

Deliver more relevant ads

According to our research, 91% of smartphone owners purchased or plan to purchase something after seeing an ad they described as relevant.2 To help you create more relevant responsive search ads, you can now use location insertion to dynamically add where your product or service is offered. Once set up, your ad will automatically include city, state, or country names based on the locations of potential customers or their areas of interest. To review the number of times your ad is shown using location insertion, you can check your campaign's reporting.

Screenshot showing the option to set up location insertion for your responsive search ads
Set up location insertion for your responsive search ads

In addition, countdown customizers are now available to help you promote sales and events in your responsive search ads. For example, let's say you own a flower shop and have a limited-time promotion on roses. With this feature, your ad will now automatically show how much time is left on the deal–making sure potential customers won't miss out on your special offer.

Communicate how people can shop with you

When creating an ad, it's important that you communicate the ways in which potential customers can shop with you. To make it easier for you to create more informative ads, we've improved the suggestions you see when writing headlines and descriptions. Now when you create a responsive search ad, you’ll see new categories that recommend commonly used phrases that highlight online availability, as well as shipping and return options for your business.

Screenshot showing new asset suggestions when creating a responsive search ad
New asset suggestions when creating a responsive search ad

Once you add a final URL to your ad, you can view updated headline and description suggestions that have been tailored to your business based on your site and existing ads. 

Manage ads at scale and unlock more insights

Over 80% of digital marketers’ time is spent on manual tasks like reporting, while only 20% is spent on strategy. To help you save more time, we’re introducing cross-campaign asset reporting. Now you can review more assets at once and understand what resonates with your customers faster. As part of this update, asset performance reporting is now available for description lines.

Cross-campaign asset reporting

We’re also introducing a new recommendation to "improve your responsive search ads" when their Ad strength is below ‘Good’. This is an easy way for you to optimize your ads in a more efficient way. When checking your account’s optimization score, look for this recommendation to help you identify opportunities that can improve your responsive search ads at scale. Additionally, you’ll soon see recommendations in Google Ads Editor to “add responsive search ads” to help you add more relevant ads across accounts and campaigns in bulk.

Learn how to create effective Search ads here.

Posted by Sylvanus Bent, Product Manager, Google Ads



1. Google internal data, Global, February 2020
2. Google/Purchased, U.S., “How Brand Experiences Inspire Consumer Action,” U.S. smartphone owners 18+=2,010, brand experiences=17,726, April 2017

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