About using feeds in App campaigns

Using feeds in App campaigns allows you to utilize specific content from within your app, including products and offerings, in App ads that are more customized and better targeted to existing and potential app users.

Who do App campaign ad feeds work well for?

  • Businesses with rich in-app content and information. This may be applicable for businesses in retail, local services, hotel, flight, and travel.
  • Businesses with a catalogue of in-app content that's not already listed in the app store details page or app metadata.


  • Connect with people who show interest in your specific app content: Using feeds in App campaigns helps you find additional users with a demonstrated interest in your specific in-app content. This is because you're providing more detailed information to create dynamic ads that pull feed data into ad text.
  • Advanced customization: Use specific creative assets for ads to users interested in different types of content within your app. Also, ads appearing on Google Search, may have a customized text line that matches the user query with the product category and applicable item in your feed.
  • Richer ad experiences: You can feature relevant product imagery from your feed in app ads that serve on AdMob, YouTube, and elsewhere.
  • Expand reach and increase conversions: App campaigns with feeds attached typically reach more users and see increased conversions thanks to the improved targeting and customized formats that feeds enable.

Types of feeds

There are two types of feeds that you can use with your App campaign.

Building a feed

There are best practices and data templates to set up high-quality business data feeds that are used specifically for App campaigns and not other campaigns. It's important to follow these best practices and requirements in order to effectively use ad feeds. Learn how to use and create feeds for App campaigns

Tracking feed performance

Tracking performance of your App campaign feeds can help you optimize your feeds and ultimately improve your ads and ad performance. You can view performance based on metrics such as impressions, clicks, in-app actions, and cost. Learn how to track App campaign feed performance

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