Shop sales onboarding guide

About shop sales implementation


Use this implementation guide to set up your shop sales reporting and measure the impact of your online ad spend on your offline sales.

  • Are you interested in onboarding using the Google Ads API? Learn more.
  • Are you a retailer or a restaurant interested in having a third-party data partner submit your hashed transaction data to Google on your behalf? Learn how to get started.

Step 1: Set up your Google Ads account for shop sales

a. Check eligibility based on your business type

b. Contact your Google representative

c. Set up the shop sales conversion action

Step 2: Create custom variables

a. Create custom variables for shop sales (optional and applicable only to retail and restaurant businesses)

Step 3: Upload your shop sales data

a. Choose an upload method

b. Determine your Loyalty Rate and Transaction Upload Rate

c. Format and hash your shop sales data

d. Upload your shop sales data

e. Check the status of your upload and correct any errors

Step 4: View your shop sales conversions

a. See an aggregate of all online and offline conversions

b. Segment by shop sales conversions

c. Add a custom column for shop sales

d. See shop sales conversions reports at the account level

e. Segment your shop sales (direct upload) conversions by name (only for non-retail and non-restaurant businesses)

f. Segment your shop sales conversions by custom variables (only for retail and restaurant businesses using custom variables)

Step 5: Use your shop sales conversions data

a. Using shop sales with Customer Match


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