About advanced format options for responsive display ads

When you create responsive display ads in Google Ads, those ads are automatically generated in various combinations from the headlines, images and descriptions that you add. During the ad creation process, you have advanced format options available for use. These options are: asset enhancements, auto-generated videos and native formats.

Asset enhancements: This feature lets Google enhance your assets to drive better performance out of your ads, and create even better looking ads. Modifications include:

Smart cropping of images to highlight image focal points Design-centric text and logo overlays on relevant image areas to create a more professional look Descriptions may be occasionally dropped Logos with excessive white backgrounds ('margins') may be cropped to zoom in on the logo itself


No cropping Smart cropping


Auto-generated videos: This feature lets Google create your video ads by combining your headlines, descriptions and images. Auto-generated video ads are eligible to show on various placements on the web and in apps, and increase your ads reach. If you've already added your own video content, then your ads won't use auto-generated videos. Learn more.

Native formats: This feature will generate ads using native formats, to expand your reach to more publishers, including YouTube and Gmail. Adding native formats might also improve ad performance.

These advanced format options do not affect dynamic ads or call-to-action text.

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