About Business Profile (optimized for your ad)

Building and maintaining a website for your business can be difficult and time consuming. Advertisers who already have a Business Profile in Business Profile manager can now send clicks from their Smart campaign to their Business Profile (optimized for your ad).

Like the Business Profile, which shows relevant information to people who find your business on Google Maps, your Business Profile (optimized for your ad) shows information to people who click on your ad.


  • Potential customers can access relevant information about your business directly from your ad.
  • Google can better attribute calls and location actions to your ads, optimizing performance.
  • Potential customers across devices (mobile, desktop, tablet) receive a landing page experience optimized for their device.

How a Business Profile (optimized for your ad) works

Your Business Profile (optimized for your ad) automatically pulls relevant information from your Business Profile in Business Profile manager, including:

  • Location
  • Phone number
  • Business hours
  • Photos
  • Reviews

For this reason, only Smart campaigns associated with a Business Profile are eligible. Learn more about linking your Business Profile to your Smart campaign or editing your Business Profile profile.

While a Business Profile (optimized for your ad) is not a replacement for your business’s website, for some businesses, it can be a better option for your ad’s landing page.

Set up your Business Profile (optimized for your ad)

When choosing where users should go after they click on your ad, select Business Profile (optimized for your ads) on a new or existing Smart campaign.

Lead form

Including a lead form on your Business Profile allows prospective customers to contact your business by filling out a simple form, and you’ll receive their information via email. They must provide either a phone number or email address, and can also provide their name and a brief message.

Your business hours in your Business Profile are used to determine whether calls or forms are the primary call-to-action on your Business Profile (optimized for your ad), with forms showing as the primary call-to-action during the hours your business is marked as closed. The email with their information will be sent to all admins on your ads account. You can turn off this feature in your landing page settings.

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