Get better App campaigns creative insights with new asset reporting features

March 23, 2020

Uploading high quality creatives to your App campaigns can help you deliver more relevant ads and improve your campaign performance. Asset reporting in App campaigns gives you the data you need to evaluate your creative assets and make informed optimization decisions.

We’re rolling out four new asset reporting updates for App campaigns to provide you more helpful, detailed and actionable insights.

Get clearer guidance on performance ratings

Tooltips for performance ratings help you understand how we define our “low”, “good”, and “best” asset ratings. Every tooltip—visible when you hover over a rating—recommends an action you should take with that specific asset. This makes it easier for you to double down on concepts or themes that resonate with users, and to move away from those that don’t.

UI of App campaigns performance ratings

Keep better tabs on your assets

We’re adding two new columns in asset reporting at the ad group level: one for asset source, and a second for orientation. You will be able to determine which assets are those you uploaded during your App campaign setup, and next to your images and videos, you’ll also see their orientations (landscape, portrait, square). Since we rate assets only against other assets with the same source and orientation, finding this information at a glance will help you make easier, apples-to-apples performance comparisons. These updates will start rolling out to active App campaigns in the coming weeks.

UI of App campaigns assets

Track performance changes over time

Your ad assets’ performance is always changing. This is why we will soon introduce performance charts that enable you to view performance changes for your assets over time. You will be able to select date ranges and various metrics against which to evaluate performance movement. If you have similar assets that share the same performance rating, you can look to their performance trends in the charts to guide your decision on which to retain or replace.

UI of App campaigns performance changes

Preview your assets

Ad previews let you preview how your creatives may show up to users who see your ads. They’re designed to help ensure your assets will appear on-brand across different App campaign formats. Click on “View ad previews” in the asset column of your report, and our ad previews tool will show you sample ads assembled from your assets as they might appear in all eligible App campaign placements. This feature, along with performance charts, will be available in the next few months.

UI of App campaigns asset preview

You can find more details on asset reporting in the Google Ads Help Center.

Posted by Belinda Langner, Senior Product Manager, App Ads

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