About pre-filled information in lead forms

When you see and open a lead form in a video campaign on YouTube, some fields in the lead form are pre-filled when you're signed in to your YouTube account. 

The pre-filled fields are:

  • "Full name" (including "First name/Last name")
  • "Email"
  • "Phone number"
  • "Zip/Postal code"

Each field is gathered from different sources. These sources include:

  • Your Google account (for the "Full name" and "Email" fields)
  • Your IP address (for the "Zip/Postal code" field)
Note: If the "Full name" and "Email" field is incorrect, make sure you're signed in to the correct Google account (your Google account is your YouTube account). If you're signed in to the correct Google account, change the personal info listed in your account

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