Choose which conversion actions to bid for at the campaign level

June 6, 2019

Conversion tracking is critical to your success in online marketing. Setting up conversion tracking allows you to see the valuable actions that users take after interacting with your ad, like purchases, sign ups, and phone calls.

We announced campaign-level conversion settings at Google Marketing Live. Today, this feature is available in all accounts for Search and Display campaigns. Support for Video campaigns will be coming later this year.

You can now choose which conversion actions to include in the “Conversions” column at the campaign level. This gives you the ability to override the default account level setting and decide what actions to use to optimize bids for each campaign. You’ll still be able to see all the conversion actions reported in the  “All conversions” column.  If you want to optimize a campaign for multiple conversion actions, you can place them in a “Conversion actions set” and share it across other campaigns intended to drive the same goals.

Previously, your “Conversions” column selections applied to all campaigns in your account. This meant that if you had multiple campaigns intended to drive different goals, perhaps with independent marketing budgets, you’d need to create multiple accounts in order to optimize them separately.

Now, you’ll no longer be required to create multiple accounts when you have campaigns with different goals. For example, suppose you’re a hotel group with separate marketing budgets for the different chains of hotels, and different campaigns targeting online bookings for separate chains. Now you can simply choose the corresponding conversion action(s) for each chain and ensure their budgets are delivering the valuable actions they were intended to drive. This saves you time, makes it easier to manage your bids within one account, and gives you more flexibility to use Smart Bidding.


Best practice Best Practice: This feature should be used when your campaigns are aiming to capture different conversion types. If you have proper values setup for different conversion types that are valuable to your business across all campaigns in your account, you should simply use Target ROAS.


To learn more about how to select conversion actions at the campaign level and create conversion sets, visit the Help Center.

Posted by Tal Akabas, Product Manager, Search Ads

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