What are conversion action sets?

With conversion action sets, you can create a set of conversion actions that you can use in campaign settings to select which conversions to optimize for and count in the “Conversions” column at the campaign level. These sets of conversion actions can also be shared across a group of campaigns, which are all intended to drive the same actions.

Before you can use conversion action sets, you need to set up conversion tracking.


You can use conversion action sets to do the following:

  • Specify the conversion actions to be reported in the “Conversions” column and to be optimized against using Smart Bidding models either for one campaign or a group of campaigns
  • Group conversions intended to drive the same actions across multiple campaigns
  • Improve performance by allowing bidding models to learn across a larger set of conversion actions since it’s always recommended to use the same set across campaigns or to use the account-level “Include in ‘Conversions’” setting when possible
  • Drive specific conversion actions in one campaign (or group of campaigns), without separating those campaigns into separate accounts
You need to set up at least 2 conversion actions before you can create a conversion action set.

How conversion action sets work

Conversion action sets let you set conversion goals to use across multiple accounts or campaigns. Using this feature allows you to edit your conversion goals once but have those goals apply to as many accounts or campaigns as you need, saving you valuable time. 

You can only create or edit conversion action sets for those actions enabled in your conversion tracking account. For example, if using Google Ads manager account (MCC) tracking you can only create sets with MCC conversion actions because only those are active.

Example: Let's say a hotel group has separate Marketing budgets for different hotel chains, and different campaigns targeting online bookings for their separate chains. With conversion action sets, this hotel group can specify conversion sets for each respective hotel chain. They might include room bookings conversions and spa package conversions for hotel chain X in one set and the respective conversion actions for hotel chain Y in another set. Then they can use these sets to selectively optimize the corresponding conversion action for each chain thereby ensuring that their budgets are delivering the valuable actions they were intended to drive.
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