Hotel ads account, campaign, and bid limits

The following limits apply to hotel campaigns in Google Ads.

Account limits

All active and paused entities count towards these account limits:

  • 200 Google Ads accounts linked per Hotel Center account
  • 1,000 hotel campaigns per Google Ads account
  • 1,000 location targets per hotel campaign
  • 3,000 ad groups per hotel campaign
  • 20,000 hotel group level bids per ad group
  • 5 million hotel group level bids in a single Google Ads account

Bid limits per hotel

Hotels ads will honor up to 100 bids per hotel across all Google Ads accounts linked to a single Hotel Center account. This is a hotel campaign specific limit, and doesn't apply to other products in Google Ads.

What happens if you exceed bid limits

If your bids exceed the per-hotel limit, Google can't guarantee that we will evaluate bids above the limit when determining the winning campaign or ad group in the auction. Because there will be no error message informing of over-limit bids, it's best to stay within the limit.

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