About CPC bids for Hotel campaigns

Note: This article applies only to Hotel campaigns in Google Ads. If you haven't yet migrated your campaigns to Google Ads, read about bidding in Hotel Centre.

You can select either a Manual CPC (fixed) or CPC% strategy at the campaign level.

You can set the bid amount at the ad group level (for CPC%, you can set a maximum effective bid limit at the campaign level). You can also adjust the bid amount at the hotel group level.

With Manual CPC, you bid a fixed amount for a click on your Hotel ad. With CPC%, you bid a percentage of the total hotel price per night (including taxes and fees).

With CPC, your base bid is your auction bid before any bid adjustments are applied.


  • Optimise your bid for a wide variety of inventory.
  • Customise base bids at the ad group and hotel group level.
  • Can be used with Enhanced CPC to automate your bid adjustments.
  • For advertisers who prefer the highest degree of control, CPC can be used with manual bid adjustments.

How CPC bids work

When you use CPC bids with Hotel campaigns, you bid either a fixed amount or a percentage of a room price.

CPC% example

With percentage bids, the percentage is calculated for each night, even if the cost is different. For example, if you bid 1.4% and the room-night price for the first night is $100, the second night $90 and the third night $80, then the most that the ad will cost (before any bid multipliers) is $3.78 if you win the auction:

Room price Percentage bid CPC bid
First night: $100 1.4% $1.40
Second night: $90 1.4% $1.26
Third night: $80 1.4% $1.12
Total bid for 3 nights: $3.78

All bids are on a per-night basis. This means that final bid amounts are multiplied by the number of nights for the end-user's chosen itinerary.

CPC fixed example

Room price Fixed bid CPC bid
First night: $100 $1 $1
Second night: $90 $1 $1
Third night: $80 $1 $1
Total bid for 3 nights: $3

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