Use bid adjustments for audience lists

Note: This article applies only to Hotel campaigns in Google Ads. If you haven't yet migrated your campaigns to Google Ads, read about bidding in Hotel Centre.

When you use bid adjustments for audience lists, you can reach customers that may be more likely to convert on your Hotel ads, such as loyalty programme members, frequent customers or customers who were recently shopping on your site. You may also want to target audience lists to market your hotel brand to a specific set of travellers.

Note: You can use bid adjustments for the following types of audience lists: website visitors, Similar Audiences, custom combination and customer lists.

How it works

Audience bid adjustments are only available with campaigns and work only with CPC and Enhanced CPC bidding strategies.

To bid on audience lists, you must:

  • Have an audience list in Google Ads or create an audience list.
  • Have an audience list that is owned by the Google Ads account that you are linking to Hotel Ads Centre.
  • Link your Hotel Ads Centre account to Google Ads and have administrative access to your Google Ads account to accept the link request. Link your Hotel Ads Centre and Google Ads accounts

Effective range

You can set the audience bid adjustment from 0% to 200% for Hotel campaigns in Google Ads.


See bid performance for audience lists: If you just want to see how Hotel ads may perform for your audience list compared to a general audience, set the audience bid adjustment to increase by 0.01%, which is effectively no change in bid. Set bid adjustments for audience lists

Build dynamic URLs for audience lists: If you set a bid adjustment for audience lists, you can vary your Hotel Ads landing page for audience lists. For instance, you may want to vary your landing page to make it more appealing to a certain list, such as loyalty programme members. Set dynamic URLs

Bid adjustment effects for audience lists

The audience bid adjustment acts in combination with the other bid adjustments, including length of stay, advanced booking window, device type, and others. When you combine different adjustments, the base bid may be raised by up to 10 times the base bid. Learn more about bid adjustment effects

How bidding for audience lists works with multiple campaigns

If you have multiple campaigns targeting the same traffic, the auction will select the one with the highest effective bid. For example, suppose that Campaign A and Campaign B are targeting the same hotel ID and user country.

Campaign A has a $2 base bid with a 100% bid multiplier for an audience list, and Campaign B has a $5 base bid with no multiplier. Campaign B will earn the impression, even though it has no audience list bid adjustment.

Bear in mind:

  • Customers always see the lowest rate for which they're eligible, regardless of bid adjustments.
  • If a customer is part of multiple audience lists that have been targeted in a campaign, the highest adjustment among the matching audience list is used.

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