Use Video ad sequencing to tell stories across screens and ad formats

November 16, 2018

Introduced earlier this year, Video Ad Sequencing is a tool that lets marketers break free of the confines of a single spot, to tell a story that unfolds over time and across devices and ad formats. Today, we're excited to announce the global availability of this tool in Google Ads.

Video Ad Sequencing drives impact for brands of all sizes, industries and marketing objectives. Our recent research shows that videos in a sequence contribute to significant gains in ad completion rates. And, in a new study with Ipsos, we found that sequences of 6-second ads and TrueView ads drive brand lift across the customer journey. In fact, sequencing a 6-second ad followed by a TrueView had a significant impact on Ad Recall and Purchase Intent, with an average lift of 118% and 40% respectively.1 This research demonstrates the impact that extended exposure among a consistent audience can have on attention, awareness and action.

Our research with Ipsos also showed how different creative approaches can drive different outcomes. Specifically, we found that sequences using the same creative (cut in different ways) are better at driving upper funnel metrics like Ad Recall, whereas sequences using different creative messages are better at driving action, like Purchase Intent. In fact, we found that sequences using a different creative have 67% higher lift in Purchase Intent than those using the same creative.2

As brands experiment with multi-part stories told to the same viewer over time, nailing the right sequence could be the difference between someone tuning out and paying attention, opening the door for users to take meaningful actions later on. Take 20th Century Fox for example.

20th Century Fox used Video Ad Sequencing to reimagine the movie trailer release of The Greatest Showman. The campaign delivered awareness and consideration uplifts that were 5X stronger than those typically seen in the industry.

The power of story to capture and keep attention — particularly in today’s fragmented media landscape — cannot be overstated. Embracing the flexibility of the digital canvas to bring new stories to life can help you make meaningful connections and capture attention beyond just a single touchpoint. Video Ad Sequencing does just that, paving the way for customized stories based on rich interest and intent data, delivered naturally to viewers as they move across screens. Start a sequence today — we can’t wait to see the stories you’ll tell!

Posted by Ammar Ibrahim, Senior Product Manager, Video Ads



1. Source: Google/Ipsos Lab Experiment, US, March 2018. 120 video sequences in total, 40 sequences per type, US residents 18-64 y/o
2. Source: Google/Ipsos Lab Experiment, US, March 2018. 120 video sequences in total, 40 sequences per type, US residents 18-64 y/o

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