Use parallel tracking for fast load times and a great user experience

October 22, 2018

Speed is important. In fact, 53% of users will leave a mobile site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. To get the most from your Google Ads, it’s crucial to have a site that loads as quickly as possible. Traditional click tracking can slow page loading while leaving you open to tracker outages.

Parallel tracking takes users directly to your landing pages while allowing your tracking to happen in the background. This allows for much faster load times. Sites that use parallel tracking load up to 5 seconds faster.1 It also helps you get the most out of AMP landing pages, enabling near-instant load times.

Starting October 30th, 2018, parallel tracking will be mandatory for all third party Google Ads partners. If you’re using a third party to manage your ads’ click measurement, reach out to them to ensure that you’re all set for the update. If you’re not, find out what needs to be done to get your site ready.

Parallel tracking is designed to improve user experience on your landing page, so you may see performance gains to match.

Despegar is the largest online travel agency in Latin America. When driving leads online, speed and user experience are crucial for success. A decrease in load time, like what they saw after implementing parallel tracking, is a big win.


Despegar “Decreasing load times greatly improves the user experience. It is especially important for users with slower internet connections.”
-Daniel Altman, Software Development Manager, Despegar


If you haven’t already, start a conversation with your third party Google Ads tools about third party tracking. Starting on October 30th, we will start marking parallel tracking mandatory for all Search Network and Shopping campaigns.

Posted by Jon Diorio, Group Product Manager, Google Ads



1Google Internal Data, September 2018

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