Use Target Impression Share to increase brand awareness

November 15, 2018

For some situations, ideal performance means being present on certain search terms. Use the new Target Impression Share Smart Bidding strategy to help ensure your ads are meeting a specific impression threshold.

Target Impression Share can be useful for campaigns with brand terms. For example, let’s say you want your ad to show 100% of the time when a user searches for your brand. You can set the Target Impression Share to 100% and the system will then try to show your ad on 100% of auctions in that campaign. This bid strategy can also be useful in raising awareness of your brand. Let’s say you run ads for a local shoe store but you’re competing with larger shoe stores. You could focus on Target Impression Share to ensure your brand is showing up when customers are conducting important searches nearby.

Target Impression Share won’t be applicable for every situation, so continue to align your bidding strategies to your campaigns’ goals.

Business Goal

Campaign Goal

Smart Bidding Method

Increase Sales or Leads Get as many conversions as possible at a fixed budget or fixed ROI Max Conversions, Target CPA
Increase Profit Hit a Return on ad spend (ROAS) that is a profitable level for a specific campaign type Target ROAS
Increase Website Visitors Get as many clicks to your websites as possible with the given budget Max Clicks
Increase or stabilize awareness Show in a certain percentage of eligible auctions Target Impression Share


Posted by Amulya Sanagavarapu, Product Manager, Bidding

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