New vs. returning segment types

With new versus returning segment types, you can measure the effectiveness of your ad campaigns by distinguishing between visits from your new and returning customers within a specific period. These segmentation types can help you understand the purchase behaviour of your customers, helping you make more informed business decisions. Learn more about shop visit conversions


  • See how engaged your audience is with your brand by measuring the number of new and returning shop visits.
  • Know how effective your marketing campaigns are at converting prospects into loyal customers.
  • Understand the type of customers you’re influencing and how they are interacting with your business, which can help you make a better marketing plan.

How it works

  • You can segment tables by 'new vs. returning customers'. This segmentation applies to all conversions columns including custom columns.
  • You can see previous visits and segment your conversions in the shop visit conversion reports based on the time period that you selected for the 'customer lapse window'.
  • For returning users, you can choose from the following conversion windows:
    • 180 days (default)
    • 90 days
    • 60 days
    • Custom (between 1 and 180 days) 

The custom option cannot be larger than 180 days.

For example, if you select '60 days', shop visits are considered new if they're from customers who haven't visited in the past 60 days.

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