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After signing into your Google Ads account, begin by checking your optimization score and following the steps below to apply or dismiss recommendations.

Apply recommendations

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From the menu on the left, select Recommendations. In the page that appears, you’ll see your account’s score and available recommendations in these sections:

  • “All recommendations”
  • “Bidding & Budgets”
  • “Ads & assets”
  • “Keywords & Targeting”
  • “Repairs"

To filter recommendations of a specific category, select the category name.

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To apply a recommendation, select View recommendation under it, then select Apply.

To apply all recommendations of a specific type, select Apply all in the recommendation card.

Keep in mind: Each recommendation shows a score uplift, which indicates the possible score improvement from following the recommendation.

Dismiss recommendations

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To dismiss a recommendation, hover over the top right corner of a suggestion, then select to dismiss.

To dismiss all recommendations of a specific type, click the 3-dot icon 3 dot menu icon in the recommendation card, then select Dismiss all.

What to expect

When, for example, you apply all of a recommendation type that has a score uplift of 7%, your account’s optimization score will go up by 7% and the recommendation will be marked as completed.

Frequently asked questions

What is an optimization score?

Optimization score is an estimate of how well your Google Ads account is set to perform. Scores run from 0-100%, with 100% meaning that your account can perform at its full potential.

Along with the score, you’ll see a list of recommendations that can help you optimize each campaign. Each recommendation shows how much your optimization score will be impacted (in percentages) when you apply that recommendation.

Note: Optimization score is available at the Campaign, Account, and Manager Account levels. Optimization score is shown for active Search, Display, Discovery, Video Action, App, Performance Max, and Shopping campaigns only.

How does optimization score differ from Quality Score?

Optimization score is not used by your Quality Score. Quality Score is a diagnostic tool meant to give you a sense of how well your ad quality compares to other advertisers. While both scores are meant to provide actionable feedback to help improve the effectiveness of campaigns, optimization score provides a more holistic view of your account’s health.

How does Google calculate optimization score?

Optimization score is calculated in real-time, based on the statistics, settings, and the status of your account and campaigns, the relevant impact of available recommendations, and recent recommendations history. Applying or dismissing these recommendations changes the overall optimization score of your account.

Optimization score and available recommendations can change based on many factors, ranging from your settings to trends in the ads ecosystem. You may see a different score and a new set of recommendations when these changes happen.

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