About Display ad formats

Responsive display ads are replacing responsive ads as the default ad type for the Google Display Network. They can be used in standard Display campaigns as well as Smart Display campaigns. Learn more about how to create a responsive display ad.

About responsive display ads

With the introduction of responsive display ads, you may experience the following scenarios with your existing ad types:

Scenarios Explanation
Ads that run and are editable

Responsive display ads, image ads, Gmail ads, and Lightbox ads will continue to run, and you can create and edit as usual.

Ads that migrate on edit

Your responsive ads will still run as usual, but if you were to edit the ads, they will automatically migrate to responsive display ads. It doesn't require any effort on your end.

Keep in mind that responsive ads are no longer available to create.

Ads that run but can't be edited

Your Ad gallery ads will continue to run and serve; however, you can’t edit or create new Ad gallery ads.

Ads that don’t run and can’t be edited We no longer support the ad type. The ad will not run and you can’t edit or create new ads.
For dynamic ads, you can still create responsive display ads with a feed attached. You can also upload dynamic HTML5 ads.
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