How to use Reach Planner

This article explains how Reach Planner is used to estimate your ad campaigns reach to audiences on YouTube and video partners sites and apps across the Google Display network. 


  1. Ensure you’ve logged into the correct Google Ads account.
    1. If you’re logged into an Google Ads manager account (MCC), please navigate to a child account.
  2. Click on the “Tools” icon   in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  3. Select Planning > Reach Planner.
  4. Define your audience from the “Target audience” bar.
  5. Define your plan from the “Media plan settings” bar.
  6. Customize your budget or reach goal with the Reach Curve in the middle of the window.
    1. Changing the budget will show an expected reach of your target audience
    2. Changing the reach percentage will update the budget needed for that reach
  7. Click the “Edit” pencil icon to add products to your plan. 
    1. Confirm your “Total plan budget,” this will automatically populate with the value from the Reach Curve section. 
    2. Include or omit Outstream ads and Bumper ads
    3. Choose Product mixes that match your goals.
    4. The mixes will show a breakdown of how much of your budget will be allocated to different products. 
    5. Click the Done button near the top of the window.
    6. The Reach Curve will update to show your expected reach based off the product mixes you selected. 

Note: Reach out to your Google contact if you’d like to use Reach Planner in all accounts under your Google Ads manager account (MCC).

Build a media plan

An effective media plan is necessary for your success with the Reach Planner. It helps you target the people you want to reach, with the ads you want to show them, at the time you want to reach them. Building a solid media plan begins by defining 3 inputs:

Target Audience: Use this setting to specify the group of people you want to see your ad. Note that adding excessive layers of audiences to your media plan can result in a limited reach

  • Lokacija. By default, the media plan is set to the country and currency listed in your account.
  • Starost in spol
  • Affinites
  • Segmenti znotraj tržišča
  • Potrošniški vzorci
  • Življenjski dogodki
  • Starševski status

Media plan settings: Use this setting to customize your ad delivery, like how long your ads will run and on which devices they will show.

As a default, 28 days of a coming month are selected, with no frequency cap, all devices & networks opt-in

  • Date range: choose a range of 1 to 90 days
  • Frequency cap: cap how many times a user will be shown your ad, per line-item, per day, week, month, or none at all
  • Device type: Desktop, tablet, mobile
  • Networks: YouTube and Google Video partners or YouTube only

Ad formats and products: Choose from a variety of ad formats to better reach your audience.
The most common format, TrueView in-stream, is selected by default. Other options are:

  • TrueView discovery
  • Odbojni oglasi
  • Zunaj okvira videoposnetka
  • Google Preferred
  • Google Preferred Bumper ads
  • Standard Reserve :15/:20 s
  • Kolofon
Google Preferred, Google Preferred Bumper ads, Standard Reserve :15/:20, and Masthead ad formats are available for reservation only. If you’re interested in learning more about using them, contact your account representative at Google. 

Use Product Mixes

Product Mixes are recommended ways to pair your YouTube and video ads together for specific media objectives.  Product Mixes can be found below the Reach Curve, and can be customized with the following objectives:

Doseg in prepoznavnost

  • This option can help you reach up to 70% more people than the frequently bought mix, for the same spend.
  • To smo razvili tako, da smo analizirali napovedi za posamezne države, izvedli primerjave s prejšnjimi oglaševalskimi akcijami in nato izračunali skupni doseg pri različnih razmerjih med oglasi zunaj okvira videoposnetka, odbojnimi oglasi in oglasi TrueView v okviru videoposnetka za več ciljnih skupin in proračunov. 
    • For example, the default settings would allocate 65% of your budget to Bumper ads, a six second, non-skippable video ideal for raising awareness, and 35% to TrueView in-stream ads, which are designed to drive views and consideration. 

Doseg za priljubljeno vsebino

  • This option allows you to reach your audience and build your brand on YouTube by using YouTube’s most popular and curated content.
  • It’s developed by combining Google Preferred and Google Preferred across different budgets.

Ogledi in upoštevanje 

  • Use this option to get up to 50% more views than the Frequently bought mix, for the same spend.
  • It’s used to encourage potential customers to research and interact with your business, products, and services. It helps to keep your brand top their mind whenever they’re ready to buy.

To smo razvili tako, da smo s pomočjo oglasov TrueView v okviru videoposnetka in oglasov TrueView discovery analizirali napovedi za posamezne države, da bi razumeli najučinkovitejši način za doseganje ciljne skupine. 

Pogosto kupljeno

  • This setting helps you build your campaign using the most frequently bought product mix in your country.
  • It’s developed by analyzing historical country-specific plans, for different levels of budget.


  • Spremenite dodelitev za posamezne oblike, da prilagodite obstoječo kombinacijo.

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