Dynamic remarketing for apps setup guide

3. Set up in-app conversion events

In-app conversion events are used to track actions, such as completing a lead generation form or completing an in-app purchase.

If you’re tracking events beyond downloads in your analytics tools, it's helpful to share those events with AdWords as "conversions." Seeing conversions allows AdWords to gather more data, better optimize your campaign, and show you when users complete those conversions after clicking an ad.

AdWords app conversion tracking supports tracking the values of the conversions. Ensure that the way your app implements conversion tracking is set up to pass the values of conversions to AdWords. Seeing these values will enable AdWords to use automated bidding methods (like Smart Bidding) and maximize campaign performance based on conversion value.

Conversion tracking with a third-party SDK

AdWords works with the following third-party app analytics providers to support in-app conversion tracking integration with AdWords: Adjust, Adways, Appsflyer, CyberZ, Kochava, Singular, and TUNE.

If you use one of these third-party app analytics providers to track and measure your app conversions, work with your third-party app analytics representative to set up their SDK.

Conversion tracking with server-to-server

Refer to the Google Developer’s guide to App Conversion Tracking and Remarketing API.

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