About dynamic flight prices in ads

Create more relevant ads featuring up-to-date routes and prices with dynamic flight prices in ads. You can provide a targeted message to customers most likely to book, attract more qualified leads and increase conversions. Google generates data feeds so airline advertisers can focus on their marketing strategy without the burden of additional data management.

Start now:
If you’re interested in getting started with flight prices in ads, submit a request for support here.

Currently this feature is only supported for airlines and not for online travel agencies. 

Platform support:
Google will generate and maintain an easy-to-use data feed of airline-specific product information including routes, prices and number of flights per week. Using these auto-generated feeds provides consistency across platforms and products. Flights ads data feeds may be used on Google Ads or Google Marketing Platform platforms. On either platform, the data feeds can be used in both search campaigns and display dynamic remarketing campaigns.


  • Integrate dynamic ads directly into your existing campaigns in Google Ads. 
  • Use ad customisers to easily pull the route and pricing information into your creative and add messaging to your existing campaigns.
  • Learn more about ad customiser format here.

Dynamic remarketing

  • Start using dynamic ads in remarketing campaigns on the Display Network through your Google Ads account.
  • Choose a pre-made template for your ads, or create a custom creative template via Google Web Designer. Highlight route specific text and destination-specific imagery in your creatives.
  • Add the global site tag and flights dynamic remarketing event snippets with custom parameters to your website to create audience lists.
  • Use the audience lists to ensure targeted messaging, and expand the reach of your campaign using Similar Audiences.
  • Learn more about dynamic remarketing.

Search Ads 360

  • Take advantage of inventory campaigns’ features to generate ad groups, ad copy and keywords for a fully programmatic experience.
  • Learn more about inventory campaigns here.

Upper funnel campaigns with Studio

  • Use audience lists to ensure targeted messaging. Implement a Floodlight tag on your site to understand how often your inventory is viewed or booked on your site and create appropriate audience lists. 
  • Choose a pre-made template for your ads, or create a custom creative template via Google Web Designer
  • Expand your reach on a larger set of inventory.
  • Learn more about Studio here.


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