About automatic sitelinks in Smart campaigns

  • Automatic sitelinks are links that appear below your ad text which are generated by the Smart campaigns using Google AI.
  • These links send potential customers to pages on your website that are relevant to their searches.
  • Automatic sitelinks can help people reach key pages of your website more easily.

What automatic sitelinks look like

Example of an ad with dynamic sitelinks on a laptop.

Example of an ad with dynamic sitelinks on a mobile device.
Ad with automatic sitelink (desktop computer) Ad with automatic sitelink (mobile)

Benefits of automatic sitelinks

  • Send people to a webpage with the information that they're looking for: Link directly to popular sections of your website based on what people searched for on Google.
  • Increase your ad coverage: Complement your ads with links to specific sections of your website. There's no set up involved.

How automatic sitelinks work

Google Ads will look for webpages on your site that may be of interest to potential customers, such as promotions or vouchers, reviews and other types of information. Google Ads will then link to these pages from your Smart campaign, by including a sitelink under your ad. Your ad is eligible to appear with a sitelink when the ad appears at the top of the search results.


Let's say that you own a restaurant and your website includes separate pages for the lunch menu, dinner menu and directions to your business. When people search Google for restaurants, your ad may appear with sitelinks that go directly to the dinner menu page, the lunch menu page and the directions page of your site.

Where automatic sitelinks can appear

Automatic sitelinks can appear on your ads on desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices with full Internet browsers.

How much automatic sitelinks cost

The cost of a click on an automatic sitelink is the same as the cost of a click elsewhere in your ad. You'll be charged the same amount no matter which link is clicked.

Automatic sitelinks offer more opportunities for people to click your ad, but you won’t be charged for more than two clicks each time your ad appears for a search. However, if someone quickly clicks more than one link while viewing an ad, this gets treated as a duplicate or invalid click and you won't be charged.

Removing automatic sitelinks

Automatic sitelinks are available only for ads in certain business categories. If automatic sitelinks are already running in your account and you want to remove them, contact Google Ads Support.

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